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Partner Profile: The United Way

Partner - UnitedWay

United Way of Greater St. Louis mobilizes the community with one goal in mind — helping people live their best possible lives. They do this through efficiently raising and allocating funds to support a strong network of quality agencies and services, providing information, management, and technical resources, identifying critical and unmet needs, and building collaboration with the public and private sectors to meet their needs. LSS is proud to work alongside the United Way in creating and managing programs that reach out to meet the needs of older adults. Thank you United Way for how you uplift and support the needs in our community, for the expertise that you bring, and the passion and commitment you inspire.

3 Things to Know This Week: September 28th


UN summit approves 15-year blueprint to eradicate extreme poverty and combat climate change

With the bang of a gavel, international leaders approved an ambitious 15-year plan Friday to tackle the world’s biggest problems, from eradicating poverty to preserving the planet to reducing inequality. Now comes the tough part: Drumming up support and money to achieve the goals and transform the world. Read More …


Bedtime Blood Pressure Meds May Help Prevent Diabetes

Sometimes it’s not just a matter of taking your medication, but also whenyou take it that’s paramount. That’s the surprising conclusion of a new study that found that taking your blood pressure pills at bedtime, rather than waiting until morning, can cut your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by more than half. Read More …


The 9 Most Versatile Foods in Dietitians’ Kitchens

here are many foods in our kitchens that we tend to use only once. These foods may get lost in your cupboard or fridge, only to be rediscovered when they are no longer tasty or even safe to eat. On the other hand, there are foods that we seem to reach for all the time, perhaps because there are so many different ways to eat them. These are what I call “versatile foods.” Read More …

3 Things to Know this Week: September 21st


Why Ikea Causes So Much Relationship Tension

The stylish, idealized home in the store’s showroom “literally becomes a map of a relationship nightmare,” says one psychologist. But why, exactly, is assembling flat-packed furniture so contentious for couples? Why do conversations about sofas so often lead down such dark corridors? Read more…

Volkswagen Stock Plummets As CEO Apologizes For Emissions Cheat

The German automaker will have to recall about 482,000 Audi and Volkswagen cars with 4-cylinder turbo diesel engines. The issue affects 2009 through 2015 model years. The cars have devices that turn emissions controls on during tests and off during normal driving. The deception is a serious violation of the Clean Air Act, for which CEO Martin Winterkorn says he is personally deeply sorry, and he promises the company will do whatever is necessary to reverse the damage this has caused. The company faces potentially billions in fines and other costs. Read more…

Why Making Predictions About Your Day Will Improve Your Outlook

Here’s a challenge for you to try right now. Make a prediction about something—anything—that you can personally verify the outcome of sometime in the next twenty-four hours. Your day will instantly get better—whether your prediction proves right or wrong. Read more…

Coming Soon: The Lutheran Prayer Breakfast

Join us on October 14th at the Orlando Events & Conference Center in Maryland Heights MO for the Lutheran Prayer Breakfast. We are honored to welcome Rev. Greg Seltz, Speaker of “The Lutheran Hour”. Join us in discovering how the most radical prayer of all time is really an invitation for getting to know God better. Everyone attending will receive a FREE signed copy of “The Lord’s Prayer” by Rev. Seltz. Click to learn more.

Walk This Way: Join LSS at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, this inspiring event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to reclaim the future for millions. Together, we can end Alzheimer’s disease, the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.

See pictures from the St. Louis walk below and consider being a part of other upcoming Walks to End Alzheimer’s. Lutheran Senior Services will be at the following:

  • Springfield, Ill Walk – September 19
  • Jefferson City, Mo Walk – September 20
  • Edwardsville, Ill Walk – September 26
  • St. Charles, Mo Walk – September 26
  • Columbia, Mo Walk – October 4
  • Peoria, Ill Walk – October 4
  • Belleville, Ill Walk – October 10

Partner Profile: Animal Protection Agency of Missouri

The Animal Protection Agency of Missouri is dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond. Recently LSS and the APA have partnered together to bring APA qualified pet visitors (and their human family members) to older adults who have few or no visitors within the St. Louis area. Thank you APA for your partnership within our community to touch the lives of many (human and pet!).


Senior Connections Partners with Animal Protective Association of Missouri!

dogvisitLSS’ Senior Connections program and the Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) have a vision – increase the number of pets visiting senior living communities. In the week before Grandparent’s Day, Jennifer Blome of the APA and pet visitors took to the airwaves announcing a partnership between the two organizations and raise awareness about the needs and benefits of volunteering. They also hosted a “Yappy Hour” at a local senior community where the room was filled with furry friends to love!

Requests for pet visitors has grown and while Sandra Roeder Singer of Senior Connections and Jennifer were commiserating about the challenges of fulfilling requests, the lightbulb turned on – together we can be better! “Jennifer has been part of our program for years, Sandra shares, “and a champion for incorporating pet visitation in our program. She hosted gatherings between a volunteer trainer, volunteers and their pets. The group met with a resident audience at LSS’ Richmond Terrace community.”

Senior Connections has 104 volunteers, 15 visiting with a dog or cat. The APA serves a different audiences through their PetReach program. Eight volunteers and pets serve in group settings, several hosted by senior communities. “The partnership with the APA gives us both a group format and a one-on-one opportunity to share pets. We also benefit from the expertise of the APA employees who qualify pets for visits”, explains Sandra. The increased awareness about each program has translated to calls from new volunteers wanting to serve, communities who want pet visits, and others who want to visit without a pet.

So what does it take to for a pet to be qualified to visit? According to Scout, a pet visitor, it’s nothing to be nervous about! He and his parents recently received approval from the APA. With vaccination records in hand, they released Scout to APA employees who evaluated him for his ability to get along with other pets, sit politely for petting, walk well on a leash, and move politely through a crowd. Scout passed with flying colors and was ready to join in the fun of Yappy Hour. If they choose to participate in one-on-one visits with seniors, they will attend a Senior Connections volunteer training to prepare them.

Referring a senior or group for visits is just as easy! Call to Sandra at 314.446.2526 to start the process. To learn more about pet visitation, read over our flyer.

Senior Connections APA Pet Visitor Flyer

Volunteer Profile: Joan

Volunteer---JoanWhen Joan signed up two years ago to volunteer with hospice, she said it was because she wanted to give back to a program that helped her with a family member a few years ago. Now two years later, Joan admits that she believes she gets as much out of her visits as the hospice patients. She also told me that she likes one patient as much as the next; they all have their own unique personalities and needs … some visits are interesting, while other visits are down-right entertaining.

Joan makes her visits fun for her patients. She loves music so she will often sing for her patients or WITH them. She also brings musical instruments along with her on her visits or uses musical apps on her IPad to play music or musical games with her patients. She also has recently begun bringing puppets on her visits, as seen in the photo. It’s amazing how one story can lead to conversation about so many different things, all beginning with a little puppet. Joan is a true example of someone using their God-given talents to serve others.

3 Things to Know This Week: August 31st

1. Moving Mountains

Continent’s highest peak to be renamed from Mount McKinley To Denali. Efforts to change the mountain’s name back to Denali date back to 1975. The White House says changing the name back “recognizes the sacred status of Denali to generations of Alaska Natives.”  Read More…

2. Erika to Unleash Flooding Downpours Across Florida

While Erika has weakened to a tropical rainstorm, Florida will still become the target of potentially flooding downpours this week. Due to Erika weakening, widespread damaging winds are not expected to accompany the downpours. Isolated wind gusts may still accompany showers and storms as they move across Florida and a quick spin-up of a tornado or waterspout is not out of the question either. Read More…

3. Oliver Sacks, renowned neurologist who wrote about his cancer, dies at 82

Acclaimed author and neurologist Oliver Sacks, who wrote about his battle with cancer, died early Sunday, his longtime collaborator, Kate Edgar, confirmed. He was 82. Read More…

Coming Soon: The Lutheran Prayer Breakfast

Join us on October 14th at the Orlando Events & Conference Center in Maryland Heights MO for the Lutheran Prayer Breakfast. We are honored to welcome Rev. Greg Seltz, Speaker of “The Lutheran Hour”. Join us in discovering how the most radical prayer of all time is really an invitation for getting to know God better. Everyone attending will receive a FREE signed copy of “The Lord’s Prayer” by Rev. Seltz. Click to learn more.

Volunteer Profile: Linda Lewis

Volunteer - Lewis, Linda

Linda Lewis had a heart for Senior Connections ever since she heard the startling fact that many seniors in communities receive few or no visitors. “I was blessed with parents who were still very independent and active, and found it so sad. I knew I had to act!” says Linda.

As a friendly visitor for Senior Connections, Linda was connected with Margaret. They would visit with one another weekly, sharing stories and experiences, while building a friendship. Linda also offered her talents to help behind the scenes on the administrative side with Sandra Roeder-Singer, Volunteer Coordinator for Senior Connections, and to be a presenter in the community encouraging others to volunteer with Senior Connections.

Thank you Linda for being such a great volunteer at Lutheran Senior Services. Your willing attitude, heart, and positive outlook have helped to make Senior Connections a blessing to others!

Welcome REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation – West County

Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) welcomed REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation – West County to the LSS family with a service of new beginnings on Thursday, August 20, 2015.

“We see this as a partnership,” said Mercy Hospital St. Louis President, Jeff Johnston. “Both Mercy and LSS have a tradition of mission, faith, and quality care which made the decision to choose LSS easy.” Others, including Sister Mary Roch Rocklage, Mercy Health Ministry Liaison, and John Kotovsky, President and CEO of LSS, echoed his sentiments.

Unveiled at the service was a legacy gift presented by Mercy to LSS depicting the life of the Sisters of Mercy founder, Catherine McAuley, through a series of scenes. The images highlight Catherine’s compassion and her legacy of serving. The artwork will serve as a reminder of the tradition of caring that lives on through REACH West County.

Rachel Little, the new Executive Director, was officially installed during the service. Rachel had served for 15 years as the Director of Nursing for Mercy Skilled Nursing Center. Both entities gave resounding support as she stepped into the role, continuing a legacy of quality and care.

Lutheran Senior Services is forging forward, strategically looking for ways that the mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest can serve many more. “The best is yet to come!” were John Kotovsky’s parting thoughts on the future of REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation – West County, its leadership, and this new chapter.