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Engaging the Aging: A Gimmick? Or a Good Idea?

As I travel about, I see some very exciting older adult ministries. They are innovative, creative, and willing to take risks to try something new. How is it with your congregation’s older adult ministry? Are you just playing around with gimmicks? Or are you helping older adults become spiritually alive and making their retirement years […]

Keeping your body lean can keep your brain beefy

From the Alliance for Aging Research: “Researchers from UCLA and the University of Pittsburgh have found more support for the benefits of exercise on dementia. “They found that older, overweight and obese adults with high body mass index (BMI) ratings had significantly smaller brains than those of a healthier weight. The decrease in brain size […]

In Residence: Winona Thomas

When Winona Thomas tells you that Heisinger Bluffs is the place for her, it carries a special significance, because she’s been just about everywhere there is to go. “I like to be in the thick of it,” she says with a wry smile. She’s seen every state in the union, and six foreign countries. Her […]

Prevention: 28 Tips to a Healthier Heart

Heart disease is the leading health cause of death for both men and women in the United States. In fact, according to research statistics heart disease causes approximately 26% of deaths in the United States. Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure can reduce some of the risks of heart disease and there are simple guidelines you […]

Olga’s Odyssey

She’d worked most of her adult life, starting with triple shifts at Olin to support her family while her husband fought in World War II. Even after Olga retired, it was hard for her daughter Betty Massey to keep up with her. “She was always so busy. I had to get her an answering machine […]

The Gold Standard: The Meramec Bluffers are Olympic Champions at Water Volleyball

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being the best. But if the Meramec Bluffers feel it, they sure don’t show it. In 2009, the water volleyball team took home gold medals from the St. Louis Senior Olympics, edging out Laclede Groves — another Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) community. While the 2010 games are […]

The National Institute on Aging shines a light on Internet scams

The National Institute on Aging features an article that discusses health scams on their website. Having the tools to identify these scams when you come across them can save you money and heartache. Not only can these health frauds have a negative effect on your checking account, but there are other, more dangerous effects that […]

In Residence: Maurice Gatewood

You just never know the stories people have to tell. For example, the gentleman having dinner at the next table over in the Laclede Groves dining room could be Maurice Gatewood. You see, Maurice’s destroyer fired the first shots of America’s involvement in World War II. “I came on watch at 4 a.m.,” he recalls […]

The Globetrotters’ Handbook for Healthy Travel

Everyone, regardless of age, should be able to take a vacation every now and then. It’s true that seniors may have concerns younger travelers don’t, but this shouldn’t rule out a well-deserved getaway. An article from titled “Preparing for Healthy Travel Abroad” provides useful information for seniors who are preparing for a trip abroad, […]

Ray & Barbara Balzer: The Open Road Still Beckons After Retirement

After 38 years traveling the country on their Honda Goldwing motorcycle, retirees Ray and Barbara Balzer have a pretty good system worked out. “You have to be focused when you’re riding a bike,” says Ray, age 75. “So while I’m driving, Barbara acts as the navigator.” Between the two of them, they’ve ridden through every […]