In Residence: Ed and Marianne Thiel

A big worry for many people when they think about moving into a senior living community is how long it will take to sell their home. But new Breeze Park residents Ed and Marianne Thiel actually had the opposite problem.

“Our home sold faster than we expected!” declared Marianne. “We closed just one month after we decided to sell, so we had a lot to get ready in a short period of time.” 

A good problem to have, certainly, and one that the Thiels were glad to see happen. Ed was in need of physical therapy, and after 39 years on the family farm, they were both ready for a change.

“My walking has really improved since we’ve been here,” said Ed, who started rehabilitative services shortly after moving in last November. “People were saying I wouldn’t be able to walk at all, but thanks to the staff here, I’m still on the move.”

Over and above their health care needs, this pair of retired teachers has found a whole new outlook on life since coming to Breeze Park. “We both go over to the main building every day,” says Ed. “Marianne swims every day that she can, and we both go out on the day trips they offer.”

Better still, the Thiels have found it easy to not only keep up with old friends in their new home, but make new ones as well. “Everyone here has really gone out of their way to greet us and tell us what’s going on here,” says Marianne. “We really like it here.”

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