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Quick! Hit the trails while the weather’s nice!

When a St. Louis summer gives you a day in the low 80s (like today!), it seems like a crime to not take advantage of it. So why not lace up your walking shoes and check out the trails at historic Forest Park? After all, a recent study conducted by the University of Georgia found […]

Exploring Aging: Broken Heart Disease

By Roxanne Hinkle, Laclede Groves Be sure to check out Roxanne’s weekly column in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. As late-1990s country music act Trick Pony put it, “Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart.” That’s right, isn’t it? For all the songs and poems and stories that end with the hero dying of a broken […]

Take Me Out the Ballgame! LSS Night at the Ballpark 2010

“This is fantastic!” exclaimed Bonnie Milliard. Too excited to sit down, she stood by the door of the First Pitch room, waiting to be called out for her big star turn at Busch Stadium. Chosen out of 8,500 older adults, Bonnie was one of only five people selected to represent Lutheran Senior Services on the […]

Engaging the Aging: Building a Wellness Ministry

By Rev. Walt Schoedel, LSS Director of Church Relations Want to receive the Engaging the Aging newsletter? Email us here. Our aging population is expanding — the number of Americans over 50 will grow by 74% in the next ten years. With 40% of congregational members now over the age of 55, there is a […]

Exploring Aging: How Volunteering Can Bridge the Conversation Gap

By Roxanne Hinkle, Laclede Groves Check out Roxanne’s weekly column at the St. Louis Globe-Democrat Anyone who has had a loved in one a skilled nursing care center knows the awful feeling – the sudden realization that, after coming to visit day after day, there’s just nothing left to talk about. Peggy Trachi knew that […]

The Writer Who Couldn’t Read

More proof of the amazing plasticity of the human brain–National Public Radio aired a story on 79-year-old mystery novelist Howard Engel who awoke one morning to realize he could no longer read. “Engel had suffered a stroke. It had damaged the part of his brain we use when we read, so he couldn’t make sense […]

Meridian Village shows off its new Skilled Nursing Care Center Expansion

The Alton Telegraph ran a feature Thursday about the new care center expansion at Meridian Village. The first new-construction care center of its kind in Illinois, the wing is being built on a revolutionary new  model. There, teams of flexible caregivers will serve residents in small, self-contained ‘households’ which look, feel, and operate more like […]

Top 10 Financial Mistakes Seniors Make

No, it’s not April 15, but it’s time to talk about finances nonetheless. While it’s a topic that might seem taboo for some, in this economy it’s important to keep a close eye on your financial affairs, as small errors can have big impacts later in life. “Own the Dollar,” is a top 50 blog […]

LSS Hits the Street to Support Valerie Cooper at St. Louis Race for the Cure

Valerie Cooper, executive director for Lutheran Senior Services’ Laclede Groves community, was interviewed by KSDK Channel 5 during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure June 12. Diagnosed with breast cancer just two weeks ago, Valerie, 37, was joined by 30 of her friends and coworkers who turned out for a very vocal show […]

Exploring Aging: Painters and Pointers

Roxanne Hinkle Lutheran Senior Services Read the original story at the St. Louis Globe-Democrat My friend and coworker Jane Wilke is a painter. That’s not to say she goes to work each morning in a pair of white overalls and spends her nights scrubbing primer latex out of her hair. Jane paints with words. Jane […]