Walking the Red Carpet at the Hidden Lake Senior Prom

The red carpet. The eveningwear. The popping of paparazzi flashbulbs. These can only mean one thing—prom nights at Hidden Lake!

For two days, the community’s Hearth dining room is transformed into a glitzy, glamorous ballroom worthy of the Academy Awards, with golden throated crooner Gary Bennett providing the soundtrack for an evening to remember.

Patty Schleper, Hidden Lake’s resident celebrity photographer, snapped pics of each couple as they made their grand entrances, including Minnie Riddick, Verena Denny, Orville Grigery, and Val Taylor, who were named the kings and queens of the prom.

 “No question, prom nights are the biggest nights of the year,” says Mary Adams, activity director. “We’ve spent the last two months building the props. Dining services pulled out all the stops to really make this something special. And the residents—oh, they have such a good time!”

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