Snow Problem? No Problem!: Snapshots from Around LSS

Where were YOU during the big winter storm that swept the country last week? Stuck in the house because the snow was too deep to shovel? Not if you live at a Lutheran Senior Services community. Residents from around LSS wrote in to thank the staff members who made the latest Winter Storm of the Century a whole lot easier to handle.

Laclede Groves
“Another problem solved — we don’t have to shovel, or hope someone will come around to shovel the snow from our driveway and walkway. The great maintenance crew at Laclede Groves now takes care of that for us. They even bring the newspaper to the door. Life is good. We love it here more every day.”
— Ken and Marilyn Fanger (top right)

Concordia Village
“Moving to Concordia Village has provided us with so many advantages and blessings. The winter of 2011 has been quite severe…we got 18 inches of snow! But not once have I picked up a snow shovel. When we look outside our window, our walks, driveway and roads are clear. Why? Because of the maintenance staff. Is that great or what?”
— Cliff and Dee Tozer

Lenoir Woods
“Shoveling snow and mowing the lawn are things I didn’t want to do any longer;  those are just two of the reasons Ann and I moved to Lenoir Woods. This latest snow storm was historic, dropping 22 inches of snow on the Columbia area!  But Lenoir’s done a tremendous job on snow removal, and we haven’t had to worry about anything! The dedication and concern shown by the staff
always reinforces what we’ve known all along –
moving to Lenoir was the right thing to do!”
— Mel Wagner, resident (bottom right)

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