Monthly Archives: November 2011

Extreme Geneology: Vertrees Hood Traced Her Husband’s Roots Back to Biblical Times

Vertrees Hood is a geneology researcher of the first order. Not only has she traced her husband’s family “back to Adam and Eve”, she’s also completed a three-volume work on the families of her home church and can make a killer scrapbook that is three inches thick over the course of a single summer. “Everybody […]

Chuck and Reva Take on China: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure

Just sitting around is not an option for Chuck and Reva Krell. After selling their business in Jacksonville, Illinois, and moving to Concordia Village, the couple is busier than ever. Recently, the couple returned from a three-week trip to China. “The opportunity to go came up when we were still living in Jacksonville and we […]

Jim and Kay Jacobsen: A New Home That Came With a New Woodshop

For Jim Jacobsen, there was nothing better than seeing his students hard at work on a university campus school day. Jim taught at Western Illinois University for 29 years and spent another five teaching in public schools. His love for his students and his course subjects kept him energetic and active. “I taught drafting, technical […]

Nancy Lysen Kirtley: A Servant’s Heart and a Painter’s Eye

If there’s a common thread in Nancy Lysen Kirtley’s life experiences, it’s making the world a finer place. Professionally, Nancy has devoted most of her life to improving people’s lives through medical social work, but since retiring, she works to bring beauty to her surroundings through her painting. ƒ “I worked with stroke victims, amputees, […]

Painting Plein Air: Making Art “On Location” with Lenoir Woods’ Art Club

“I’ve been interested in art all my life,” says Frances Brown, in the Lenoir Woods Art Studio, daubing at a watercolor she’s been working on. “So after I retired, I started taking lessons.” And that’s how it started for many members of Lenoir Woods’ Art Club. No longer encumbered by working hours, many of the […]

Bud Redel: Finding New Love on the Bluffs

Whole generations of school children in Osage County grew up knowing Bud Redel. A schoolbus driver for 30 years, Bud had two big credentials to recommend him when it came to keeping his kids in line — he was a retired Marine, and he knew most of their parents. “I hauled kids whose parents I […]

Globetrotting: Winona Thomas’ Adventures on Seven Continents

When Winona Thomas tells you that Heisinger Bluffs is the place for her, it carries a special significance, because she’s been just about everywhere there is to go. “I like to be in the thick of it,” she says with a wry smile. She’s seen every state in the union, and all seven continents. Her […]

“Becoming Citizens of the World”: A Priceless Experience in Hong Kong for the Wirgaus

Retired teachers Otto and Delores Wirgau have traveled the world, seeing and experiencing things that many people can’t even dream. Originally natives of Minnesota, the couple got the chance of a lifetime to teach at an international school in Hong Kong during a monumental time in Chinese history. At this time, the Wirgaus were living […]

Jack and Ginger McCall: Spreading Birdwatching Fever at Meridian Village

Birdwatching is more than just a hobby for Jack and Ginger McCall — it’s a way of life! The couple even has a big wooden bird totem on their deck at Meridian Village that marks their house as being “bird-friendly” to draw their feathered friends closer to binocular distance. Jack commissioned their totem from an […]

All About Mackenzie Place: Everyone’s Talking About LSS’ Newest Community

Lutheran Senior Services’ newest community, the Village at Mackenzie Place, received some media attention this week, as the St. Louis Business Journal featured the community in a story on a grant LSS received recently from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). “(HUD) Section 202 funds help nonprofits provide accessible housing for low-income […]