Monthly Archives: December 2011

Postcards from the Recovery: KSDK’s Juli Nieman Addresses Meramec Bluffs Investment Club

Juli Nieman, a St. Louis financial analyst well-known for her appearances on KSDK Channel 5, paid a visit to Meramec Bluffs recently for a luncheon sponsored by the community’s Investment Club. While the economy is improving after the recession of the past few years, Nieman urged caution among the assembled investors. “Make and hold doesn’t […]

The Politics of Shuffleboard: How Wayne and Jane Pounds shared happiness at Meramec Bluffs

Wayne Pounds was a man with a dream. “Shuffleboard,” he says. “Table shuffleboard.” He and his wife Jane had tried their hand at the game at their daughter’s house and a light bulb went off. “We thought this would really go over well at Meramec Bluffs.” But the table wasn’t cheap. So, Wayne took the […]

Mizzou Tops the Aggies as Lenoir Woods’ Winning Streak Continues

On January 16, a group of Lenoir Woods residents were part of the more than 15,000 fans at Mizzou Arena to see the University of Missouri Tigers take on the Texas A&M Aggies.  With the help of the community’s faithful fans, the Tigers trounced the Aggies 70-51, making Missouri’s record 5-0 in games that Lenoir […]

The Classics: The Shadow

Say it loud and say it proud: “I’m not getting older. I’m getting better!” In the spirit of aging beautifully, we present a year-long series on The Classics ­— books, movies, cars, and music that just get better and better as time goes by. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The […]

“Come On, Let’s Go!” – Learning the Ropes of Life at a Senior Living Community

“At home, I spent most of my time in the kitchen,” says Ruth Pinkston, a new resident of Meridian Village. “I like to cook, but I haven’t cooked anything here yet. And I’ve been here seven months!” Ruth isn’t missing a thing, though. Ever since she moved in next door to long-time resident Dot Brewster, […]

Winning the Great Heisinger Bluffs Pancake Race

Many cultures celebrate Fat Tuesday. The French call the Tuesday before the beginning of Lent “Mardi Gras,” and most people are familiar with how that’s celebrated. But the British call that day “Shrove Tuesday,” and with it comes a very strange tradition that has made its way to Heisinger Bluffs. “Welcome to our annual Fat […]

Meridian Village Takes Residents on a “Journey to Bethlehem.”

Executive Director Colleen Bottens took the residents of Meridian Village on a trip into the Biblical past Dec. 15, as she led staff members in a performance of “Journey to Bethlehem.” During the play, audience members met centurions and shepherds, merchants and magi, as “Colleen of the Village of Meridian” made her way to meet […]

A very special father-daughter Christmas concert at Meramec Bluffs

With a music teacher for a father and a classically trained clarinetist for a mother, Sherilyn Berger almost couldn’t help but grow up to be a musical impresario herself. “I didn’t have much choice,” Sherilyn laughs. “Dad gave me piano lessons. Mom made sure I practiced. Every Saturday morning, we had lessons. And summers we […]

The Queen of Watercolors: Artist Marilyn King shares her skills with her fellow Laclede Groves residents

If there’s been one constant in Marilyn King’s life, it’s been her art. “I’ve been doing art since I was a little kid,” she says. “I’ve always drawn. I started painting with oils in high school, but after I took a class in watercolors from a friend a few years back, I gave the oils […]

Make A Joyful Noise: Getting to Know the Heisinger Bluffs Choir

In the main activity room at Heisinger Bluffs, a small group of residents and staff gather around the community piano once a month with a single purpose — to share a love of music. “Once more, from the top!” calls Kelly Copeland, a local musician and the volunteer director of the Heisinger Bluffs choir. Made […]