Monthly Archives: March 2012

Works of HeART: Meramec Bluffs’ First Art Auction Raises More than $4,500 to Support Seniors

Held to support LSS Benevolent Care, Meramec Bluffs‘ first-ever Works of HeART art auction was a rousing success, bringing in more than $4,500! Featuring more than 200 works by regional and national artists, the event drew art aficionados from around the St. Louis area to raise funds for seniors who can no longer afford to […]

Bottoms Up! Post-Dispatch Beer Columnist Evan Benn Comes to Meridian Village

“We’ll be trying five beers today, so brace yourselves.” With that advice, St. Louis Post-Dispatch beer columnist Evan Benn started pouring for Meridian Village’s beer-aficionados-in-residence who gathered in the Bistro Room recently for a high-end beer tasting event. The visit from Benn doubled as a seminar on brew science, the history of American lagers and […]

Considering the Cross and the Crescent at Concordia Village

David Bertaina, PhD, doctor of Semitic language and literature, paid a visit to Concordia Village recently for a discussion comparing the Bible with the Koran — specifically the two holy books’ different perspectives on the life of Christ. “It’s not easy to make comparisons between the two books,” says Bertaina, an assistant professor in the […]

Try a Little Tenderness: Meet FC and Fern Parrish

You may know a good steak when you taste one, but not the way Lenoir Woods resident FC Parrish does. He knows what makes a good steak at the biochemical level. “It’s all about tenderness,” says FC, who earned a PhD in agricultural science from the University of Missouri.  “That’s what consumers want. I spent […]

40 Years of Service: Laclede Groves Choir Celebrates Chaplain Anderson

Forty years ago, Laclede Groves‘ chaplain Rev. Darryl Anderson was called to ministry. Recently, his friends helped him celebrate this momentous milestone with a reception in Laclede Groves’ Auditorium, featuring music by the Laclede Groves choir.

Lorraine McCracken: Blind from birth and living life to the fullest

One of the biggest steps Lorraine McCracken took in her life was the time she traveled to interview for a job as a medical transcriptionist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. “I was 22 years old,” she recalls. “This was an adventure. I asked my brother to come with me, but he told me, ‘No, […]

Live Longer — Write Now! How Creative Writing Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy

There’s a long tradition of writers gathering to swap stories and feed on each other’s creative energy. At Lutheran Hillside Village, a senior living community in Peoria, Illinois, that tradition has taken the form of the Pen Souls. The members write in a wide range of styles on a wide range of topics. As a […]

This Month in American History…JFK Founds the Peace Corps

“Ask not what your country can do for you,” President John F. Kennedy said during his 1961 inaugural address, “ask what you can do for your country.” This famous quote was addressed to America’s youth, members of the post World War II Baby Boom generation. Even as JFK was taking office, it was clear he […]

Maureen Harris, Wordsmith.

Robert Frost once wrote, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” If anyone knows the truth of that quote, it’s Maureen Harris, Meridian Village’s poet laureate. A retired English teacher, Maureen has developed a significant body of work. During her time living in Houston, Texas, she wrote a […]

Scott Air Force Base’s Volunteer of the Year LeRoy Gruber Invites His Meridian Village Neighbors to Give of their Time and Talents

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve had five careers,” says LeRoy Gruber, Meridian Village resident. “First was getting an education. Second was when President Roosevelt called us to active duty. Third was marriage and raising a family. Fourth was serving as the administrative assistant to three consecutive mayors of East St. Louis.” And the fifth […]