Monthly Archives: July 2012

As a Staff Member, Volunteer, or Resident, Annie Schmutzler is at Home at Heisinger

Annie Schmutzler has been part of Heisinger Bluffs since its early beginnings in 1978, serving as a volunteer, and later as an employee. And now, in retirement, she’s back in her volunteer capacity. As she puts it, “I just can’t stay away.” “I worked in Activities with Jerry Engelby,” she says, and, like most people […]

Balancing Acts: How to Fit Caregiving into a 60-Hour Work Week

Those of you still in the workforce: does this sound familiar? “I think I can fit in my 9:15 meeting, provided I take the bus to work so I can finish my presentation during the ride. Of course, I’ll need to field emails on my phone during the parts of the meeting when I’m not […]

2012 Water Volleyball Tournament was Laclede Groves’ Biggest Yet!

Laclede Groves held its fourth annual water volleyball tournament as part of the St. Louis Senior Olympics. The event was its largest yet with 10 teams competing in three age groups. Teams included LSS residents as well as people playing on YMCA teams. More than 100 spectators came to watch the games throughout the day. […]

This Month in American History: Francis Scott Key Was Born

A witness to the British attack on Ft. McHenry during the War of 1812, American poet Francis Scott Key put quill to parchment to commemorate the all-night bombardment. The result was given the not-particularly-poetic title “Defense of Ft. McHenry”. Years later, Key’s words were set to music and rechristened “The Star-Spangled Banner”, a song that […]

Joy Kimler: Teeing Off with the LPGA Pros at the Age of 82

Most golfers only dream of playing with the pros. Concordia Village resident Joy Kimler has been doing it for more than 30 years. “My team with Christina Kim came in second in 2011 (at the LPGA Pro-Am),” she says. “I was 82.” The Pro-Ams are events that the LPGA coordinates to let amateur golfers play […]

Technology Tips for Older Adults: Exploring the Digital Frontier

“I have never been lost,” legendary frontiersman and trailblazer Daniel Boone once said, “but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” Boone explored the heartland of America in a time before every inch of the natural world had been mapped, photographed, cataloged, analyzed, and cross-referenced. Today, the online world gives would-be explorers an […]