Gifts and Responsibilities: What Being St. Louis’ Largest Nonprofit Organization Means to LSS

An interpretation of Luke 12:48 from Eugene Peterson’s “The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language” reads, “Great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities.”

It’s in that spirit that Lutheran Senior Services commemorates our fifth year as the largest not-for-profit in the St. Louis area, as recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal.

“At LSS, the gifts we have been blessed with are many,” says LSS President John Kotovsky. “Those gifts give us the opportunity to serve others, and as our blessings multiply, so too do our occasions for becoming a blessing to others.”

In some cases, that “multiplication” effect has led to LSS updating and upgrading our buildings and amenities. In other cases, it has meant adding programs, such as in-home technologies and hospice care. And in still others, it has led to LSS offering new mixes of living options for those with fewer resources. Through our communities, programs, volunteerism, and benevolent care, we expand in order to reach out further into the community at large.

“That’s the responsibility that comes with being so blessed,” Kotovsky says, “and it’s a responsibility we gladly take on as part of our Christian mission to help older adults live life to the fullest.”