Monthly Archives: April 2013

Meridian Village Says, “We Can’t Wait Seven Months for Oktoberfest!”

Sometimes, you just gotta have bratwurst. And in March, Meridian Village decided that time was now. With live accordion music lilting in the background, the Villagers gathered in the Bistro Room for “Marchtoberfest” — a celebration marked by German cuisine (including the sudsy, bottled kind) and a lot of good company. Click below to see […]

Jam Session! Local Musicians Gather at Lenoir Woods for Monthly Concerts

Strike up the band! Once a month, a group of local musicians gathers in Lenoir Woods’ community center for a lively, rockin’ jam session. Covering folk, jazz, blues, and rock music from the last six decades, the evening sessions welcome a rotating crew of musicians from the Columbia area, including Lenoir Woods resident Cyrus O. […]

“Hopping Down the Bunny Trail”: Heisinger Bluffs Easter Bazaar

Easter is one of our favorite times of year at Heisinger Bluffs, and if the looks on the faces of the little ones who visited us for our annual Easter Bazaar are any indication, it seems we put on one terrific springtime party! While the grownups shopped at our gift shop, crafts tables, and dessert […]

A Turn on the Catwalk: The Concordia Village Fashion Show

Talk about retiring in style! Eleven Concordia Village residents “took their little turn on the catwalk” April 3 for the community’s first-ever fashion show. The event welcomed forty guests, including many Future Residency Program members, to a special luncheon, where residents showed off some of the season’s freshest looks, courtesy of our friends at The […]

This Week in American History: The Hindenberg Disaster

The Age of Airships ended before it had really begun as the German passenger blimp LZ 129 Hindenburg was lost on May 6, 1937. During an attempt to dock at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey, the rigid airship burst into flames, killing 35 of the ship’s 97-person compliment, as well as one […]

Once Upon a Time: How the Concordia Village Writers Group Helps Residents Share Their Life Stories

“Around 1970, my dad’s mother died,” recalls Jerry Carlson, a resident at Concordia Village. “She was the last of my grandparents to pass away. Dad was not given to being very expressive. He just said, ‘That’s that.’” “Years later, I thought back on that and it occurred to me what he was really saying is, […]

Vern and Betty Gundermann: A Family Tradition of Service

To say Rev. Vern Gundermann’s family has a tradition of service is something of an understatement. “My mom was one of seven children,” says Vern, “And all but one of them have a son or son-in-law who went into the ministry. In my generation, twenty-one of us have gone on to serve.” A retired pastor […]