Monthly Archives: December 2013

“Welcome to China, Mr. George”: World Travelers George & Phyllis Burdette Settle in at LHV

George Burdette is a retired associate superintendent for Peoria public schools. His wife Phyllis is a retired school nurse. Education is very important to both of them for obvious reasons. But they learned a lot more from their travels around the world than they ever did in a classroom. “We had a couple we used […]

This Month in American History: Man Learns to Fly

“If man were meant to fly,” the old adage contends, “he’d have been born with wings.” On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright proved that folk saying to be woefully shortsighted, as the two brothers successfully piloted a powered, fixed-wing aircraft on four successful test flights. Financed by bicycle sales conducted through their shop […]

Paul and Vicky Davis: “We Made This Move for Each Other.”

Do you like Progresso Soup? For a lot of years, it was Paul Davis you could thank for that. “I was director of quality control for Pet Incorporated,” Paul says. “It’s a food products company. We owned brands like Progresso, Musselmans, and Old El Paso.” Paul oversaw 27 production plants around the United States on […]

Reel Life: This New Year, Look Ahead to a Cinematic Retirement

As frost gathers on the windowsill and we spend more time indoors, there’s often time to reflect. We find ourselves asking questions, upon beginning a new year: How did last year go? Am I happy with where I am? Where am I going in the year to come? And perhaps most importantly, what’s playing at […]