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Overcoming Isolation: LSS Welcomes Senior Connections into the Family

Have you heard of Senior Connections? For 15 years, this important St. Louis-based organization has recruited volunteers and paired them with older adults in need of companionship. Through regular visits, these volunteers try to help their new friends overcome the feelings of isolation and depression that aging sometimes brings. Originally created by the Singer Institute, […]

Mobile for Seniors: Options and Apps Abound for Every User

Can you believe the mobile phone turns 30 this year? The first consumer cellular telephone phone — produced by Motorola and bearing the ominious-sounding name “DynaTAC 8000X” — hit the market in 1984. It weighed two pounds and it sold for $3,995. It took a while for the market to really get moving, but today, […]

Life in the Future: What’s the Big Deal About 3D Printing?

Do you have a printer for your home computer? Then you’re familiar with how it can take the two-dimensional words and pictures on your screen and turn them into a two-dimensional copy on paper. In the not-too-distant future, though, you might have to make room on your computer desk for a second printer — one […]

“I’m at Breeze Park All the Time…and I Haven’t Even Moved in Yet!”

“I’m a big fan of Breeze Park,” says Anne Alexander, then adds with a laugh, “Obviously! I’m here all the time, and I don’t even live here yet.” Anne and her husband Rich are members of Breeze Park’s Future Residency Program, and as such, they’re becoming familiar faces around campus. “I’m usually here at least […]

A Silent Night, Holy Night for Meridian Village’s Silent Nativity

The staff of Meridian Village conducted a silent, living nativity scene in the community chapel the week before Christmas. Residents were invited to meditate and reflect on the importance this moment in history holds for each and every one of us. Click below for pictures from this event! Meridian Village Silent Nativity ◄ Back Next […]

Meramec Bluffs’ Annual Pancake Breakfast

There were more than a couple surprise visitors to Meramec Bluffs during the annual pancake breakfast, held the week before Christmas. There, staff members served up some delicious hotcakes with a real holiday flair amid the festive trappings of the Meramec Bluffs chapel. Click below to see images from the event! Meramec Bluffs Pancake Breakfast […]

Lenoir Woods’ Christmas Bake Off!

Lenoir Woods’ residents and staff presented their best holiday desserts for the annual Lenoir Woods Bake Off, which drew a crowd of curious (and hungry!) revelers to the Nifong Room. Click below to see images from the event! Lenoir Woods Bake Off! ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9

Lutheran Hillside Village’s Big Blast from the Past Party!

Dec. 31 is a day to look forward to a new year. The residents and staff at Lutheran Hillside Village chose Dec. 30 as a day to look back on years past. That’s the day they held their big gala “Blast from the Past” party, featuring dancing to retro music, guests in period-specific costumes, and […]

January Is “Get Organized” Month! 5 Tips to Help Get Your House in Order

by Joy Brother, Director Move-In Resources and Hidden Gems Resale Perhaps you have made a New Year’s resolution to get better organized, or perhaps you are thinking about downsizing and preparing yourself for a more manageable living space. Here are five super simple habits that you can incorporate into your daily life to make 2014 […]

Life in the Future: A Look at All Yesterday’s Tomorrows!

Today, we carry powerful computers in our pockets, built right into our cell phones. We have a space station flying over our heads, and robots are slowly making their way into our jobs, our homes, and even our cars! There’s no doubt about it — we’re living in the future. And so, we’re kicking off […]