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KMOX’s Charlie Brennan Brings 250 Years of St. Louis Stories to Laclede Groves

Did you know St. Louis was founded by a 14-year-old? Or that it’s the hometown of the founder of Twitter? It’s all in “Amazing St. Louis: 250 Years of Great Tales and Curiosities”, a new book by KMOX broadcaster Charlie Brennan. Charlie stopped by Laclede Groves recently to share a few tall tales with our […]

Who’s the Boss? A Growing Number of Self-Employed Retirees, That’s Who!

In his basement workshop, Ken Hinkle, 78, taps on the screen of his computer monitor. It is displaying his eBay homepage. His finger lands next to his seller rating: 100% positive after 3,000 transactions. “Not bad for an old guy,” he says with a laugh. A retired draftsman, Ken repairs and sells old film cameras […]

Eagle-Eyed Birdwatchers: Breeze Park Visits the Audubon Center

The Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary in West Alton, Missouri, is the only way to go birdwatching on days when the river’s frozen over — and that’s just what the residents of Breeze Park did recently. Click below to see photos from their visit. Breeze Park Eagle Sanctuary ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 14 […]

Dick Schrick: One of the Lucky Ones

Dick Schrick was one of the lucky ones in World War 2. “I knew I was going to be pulled in for service, so I decided to enlist in the Air Force,” he says. “My group was assigned to flying planes back and forth to Australia. But the group who went in just before me […]

Around the World and Back Again with the Guthries of Concordia Village

“When Owen first retired,” Coralie Guthrie says, “we did a lot of traveling.” Coralie seems to have a gift for understatement — together, the Guthries saw all 50 states, at least six Canadian provinces, and Mexico, as well as Western Europe and East Asia. Just before retiring, Owen had received some hard news. “The doctor […]

Life in the Future: Need the Internet? Open the Fridge!

How many things do you have that connect to the Internet? Your computer? Your phone? Your TV? What about your refrigerator? What about the FOOD inside your refrigerator? Welcome to what the tech industry refers to as “The Internet of Things” — a system which helps you organize and operate your possessions. Already, you can […]