LSS Named Finalist in Masterpiece Living Contest

Lutheran Senior Services was listed as a finalist for a video contest hosted by Masterpiece Living called Valuing Gray. The goal of the contest was to create a video that showed how together, residents and staff at LSS had identified and leveraged the strengths of older adults within our communities for the greater good of society.



You can help us win!

Click on the link below which will take you to the LSS Facebook page. From there click on the post about Valuing Gray and vote for the LSS video! You can vote every day until April 5.

Vote here.

NOTE – The way Masterpiece Living has set up voting is they only allow one vote per IP address – which keeps one person from voting multiple times in one day and rigging the vote. If you click on the post and it already shows that you’ve voted, it means someone on your IP address has beat you to it. If that’s the case you can also vote from your smartphone to make your vote count.