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“Your Life is What You Choose”: A Day in the Life of Betty Biebel

Bible study. Water aerobics. Luncheons. Charity events. Choir performances. Library services. And those are just a few of the things Betty Biebel does ON campus at Meramec Bluffs. “I like to stay active,” Betty says, in what may be the understatement of the year. “No matter where you live, your life is what you choose […]

iPad Mania at Lutheran Hillside Village

As technology goes, the tablet computer has been adopted by consumers faster than any other computing device ever. That’s certainly true at Lutheran Hillside Village, where a growing number of tech-savvy residents can be seen around the halls checking their email and updating their Facebook statuses on mobile devices. One such touchscreen afficianado, Garland Criswell, […]

America’s Three Most Beautiful Camping Spots, According to Lois Templeton

Looking to do some camping this summer? Before picking a destination, you’d be wise to talk to Lois Templeton. “Before I moved to Breeze Park,” Lois says, “my husband John and I did a lot of camping and traveling. We went all over the country in a camper, and let me tell you — there […]

Dog Days at Lenoir Woods

May 8 will go down in history at Lenoir Woods as the day the place went to the dogs. The community snipped the ribbon on its brand new dog park — a sun-dappled stretch of wooded grassland perfect for playing fetch with your four-legged friend. Many of our residents (human and canine alike) turned out […]

Digital Fever: Chellis DeFord is LHV’s Resident Technophile

The stockholders at Best Buy would LOVE Chellis DeFord. Sitting on his couch in front of his SmartTV, he opens up his Chrome Book laptop to check his email. On one side of him he has his Kindle Fire for reading eBooks. On the other side, he has his iPad. Chellis just has a natural […]

Meramec Bluffs, Meet CityGarden

An elegant little urban playground nestled in the heart of downtown St. Louis, CityGarden features delightful art installations and well-manicured landscaping to delight the senses. Our residents took a leisurely tour of the place, and had a chance to sample the avant-garde hamburgers at Bailey’s Range restaurant while they were in the neighborhood! Click below […]

Fun in the Sun…Without the Sun! Rain Sends the Meridian Village Luau Indoors

A perfectly timed deluge sent the organizers of this year’s Meridian Village luau scrambling to relocate at the last moment…but between the musical stylings of the Ocean Trio Band and some top-notch work by the dining services team, the luau couldn’t have been any more of a success. Click below to see images from the […]

What Christians Do: Mel West Leads the Charge in Helping the Developing World

An afternoon spent talking with Lenoir Woods resident Mel West isn’t nearly long enough. You could listen to him talking about his career for hours and walk away with the impression that you’d barely scratched the surface. “I was in Atlanta a few months ago to help celebrate house number 800,000 for Habitat for Humanity,” […]

No Password Required to Get into the Hidden Lake Speakeasy

The joint was swinging all afternoon long as the Riverbend Brass brought their big band sound to Hidden Lake’s first-ever Speakeasy. Fortunately, bathtub gin wasn’t on tap for the event, but champagne sure began to flow…at least until the “cops” showed up to bust the revelers for breaking Prohibition. Click below to see photos from […]

Heel, Toe, Do-Si-Do: Boot Scoot Boogying on the Bluffs

If you hear the sounds of shuffling cowboy boots and country music coming from the multipurpose room at Heisinger Bluffs, you know it’s probably Donna Linnenbrink from the Show Me Bootscooters running another of her six-week line dancing courses. Click below to see photos from one of her recent classes. (And click here to check […]