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The Urge to Embellish: The Illinois State Museum’s Talk on Art and Furnishings

“In our house when I was growing up,” said Jim Zimmerman, director of art and history for the Illinois State Museum, “my parents decorated with Danish modern furniture, which has a very simple, very spare style. That’s sort of the point of Danish modern furniture. But after a week, a pillow appeared in our living […]

Dick Doherty Dances: High Times at Concordia Village

“I had my 90th birthday in 2012, and we partied for a week or two,” says J.R. “Dick” Doherty. “I like to dance. Especially with the young kids. I like their kinds of dances.” If you can picture a nonagenarian pop-and-locking, then you can get a good idea of Dick Dougherty’s larger-than-life personality. “I’ve had […]

Hometown History: Kathie Shreves Has Watched Columbia Grow Up and Out

A longtime Columbia resident, Kathie Shreves has seen her adopted hometown change a lot over the years. “I was working at Hickman High School back when it was the only high school,” she says with a laugh. The secretary for the guidance office, Kathie was there when the school went through integration in the 1960s […]

Nazi Painting on a Pup Tent: Dorothy Eden Comes to Meridian Village

Dorothy Eden has a portrait painted by a Nazi POW to remember her wartime years It’s rare nowadays for people to have hand painted portraits of themselves hanging in their homes. It’s rarer still to have such a portrait painted by a Nazi. But that’s just what you’ll find in Dorothy Eden’s apartment at Meridian […]

How Hard Could It Be? Arm Knitting Comes to Lenoir Woods

Get a roomful of ladies who have been knitting since they were kids. Hand them a roll of yarn, tell them to make a scarf…and then take away their knitting needles. That’s what Lenoir Woods Activities Director Megan Lau did recently when she held a class on Arm Knitting — an unusual form of yarnwork […]

A Brassy Bunch: An Ensemble from the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Pays a Visit

The Concordia Village chapel rang out with joyful noise indeed, as Tim McCoul, Rachel Serber, Stephen Hanrahan, Mark Babbitt, and Matt Wilshire of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra performed live for our residents (and future residents) in February. Click below to see photos from the event. Concordia Village Symphony ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of […]

Cutting A Rug with Pat Hidelbaugh

At Heisinger Bluffs’ Valentine’s Day dance this year, Pat Hidelbaugh’s dance card was always full. In fact, the hosts and hostesses from Jefferson City High School often had a hard time keeping up with Pat’s moves on the dance floor. “I started dancing when I was three or four years old,” she says. I was […]

College for Seniors: Ed Schroeder Brings the World of Theology to Hidden Lake

Retired professor of theology and minister Ed Schroeder recently completed a six-week lecture course on the History of the Christian Church. His classroom? The Fireside Room at Hidden Lake. His pupils? An eager crowd of Hidden Lake residents. “Think of it as a history of the spread of the Word,” Ed said, “not in a […]

A Servant Heart: JoAnn Aimone Finds Ways to Give at LHV

“Not long after I moved to Lutheran Hillside Village, I hurt my back,” says JoAnn Aimone, a retired nurse. “I was just sitting here thinking, ‘Oh gosh, what am I going to do?’ and within the hour, I had three people call and say, ‘If you need a push, I’ll be happy to help you.’” […]

Wedding Bells at Breeze Park for Phil and Gloria on May 2

He’s an 88-year-old widower. She’s an 83-year-old career woman who’s always been too busy to settle down. “Neither one of us were looking for a relationship,” Gloria McKean says. But in spite of that, that’s just what she and Phil Davies found when they moved to Breeze Park — and now they’re married! “We both […]