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600 Breeze Park Dr.
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Where St. Charles goes for Senior Living,
Assisted Living, Long Term Care & More.

A great location, neighbors who quickly become friends, and programs to stimulate body, mind, and spirit…Breeze Park senior living offers all this and much, much more.

Here in the heart of historic St. Charles, Missouri 63304, you can enjoy the comforts of home without the work and worry. You can live with peace of mind, knowing that you will receive priority access to our comprehensive continuity of senior health care should your health needs change over time.

Come join us where value and peace of mind are part of everyday living. Call 636.939.5223 or email us to learn more!

What We Offer

One of the things that set Breeze Park apart is our wide array of senior living options. As a continuing care retirement community, we offer five levels of service, all on one beautifully maintained campus. To learn more about any of our levels of service, please click on the links below.

independent living 63304Independent Living

Breeze Park is filled with endless opportunities for fun and friendship. Our spacious, comfortable senior living apartments and patio homes offer a full range of life-enriching amenities. Surrounded by warm, friendly neighbors and a caring, professional staff, you’re sure to feel right at home.


senior rehab 63338REACH Short Stay senior rehab missouri

Need short-term care following a qualifying hospital stay? You can find it through our REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation program. Here, our interdisciplinary team can help you work hard toward achieving your goals in a comfortable, homelike setting.


assisted living 63376Assisted Living assisted living St. Charles

In our private assisted living apartments, residents benefit from 24-hour staffing, help with personal care, medication assistance, weekly housekeeping, linen service, and three daily meals. We’re here to help you maintain your independence by offering the help you need, when you need it.


Alzheimers care 63366Memory Care Assisted Living alzheimers care 63304

Our controlled-access memory care neighborhood supports ambulatory residents who have early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. Offering all the amenities of our assisted senior living apartments, this inviting, homelike setting helps residents find comfort in the company of friendly neighbors and caring staff members.


nursing home 63368Skilled Nursing nursing home St. Charles

For residents who need 24-hour nursing care, we offer private rooms, companion rooms, and companion suites to help seniors continue to live life to the fullest. Far from the sterile image of the traditional nursing home, our care center is a warm, welcoming environment featuring on-call nursing assistance, licensed medication management, an incontinence care program, and medical director oversight.

faith based senior livingThe Lutheran Senior Services Difference

As a Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) retirement community, Breeze Park is part of a 150-year tradition of compassionate service. At the heart of our philosophy of care is LSS’ Christian mission: Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest.

Serving with heart is at the core of all we do. We cherish people of all beliefs and strive to meet the complete needs of each person we serve — body, mind, and spirit. To that end, we are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to senior care and services, from our skilled team of caregivers to our full time chaplains who provide spiritual support for residents and their families.
To learn more about LSS, click here.

Virtual Tours

Here are a small sample of the rooms and amenities available at Breeze Park. Clicking on the images below will launch the virtual tour in a new window.


Community Amenities


Independent Living


REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation


Assisted Living


Memory Care Assisted Living


Long Term Care


The Lifestyle at
Breeze Park

What does an active lifestyle look like at Breeze Park? What do you want it to look like?

When you choose a maintenance-free lifestyle at Breeze Park, you get to leave the hassles and headaches of maintaining property to us. That leaves you free to pursue all the things you love.

Just think — what would you do if you didn’t have to spend all your time keeping the house in order? Spend more time with family and friends? Volunteer at your church? Work on your hobbies? Kick back and relax? Here, all your options are open.

Recreation at Breeze Park

Our recreation team designs a unique and varied calendar of events each month, with an eye toward helping you expand your horizons socially, culturally, spiritually, and educationally.

There’s always something happening at Breeze Park, from exercise classes in the pool to discussion groups in the Chapel, from movie nights in the media room to shopping trips off campus. And if there’s ever something you want to do that’s not on the calendar, let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas.

Dining at Breeze Park

One of the most popular features of life at Breeze Park is our fabulous on-site dining. Our attentive dining services staff is always ready to assist you! Residents in our independent living apartments and patio homes can enjoy meals in our dining room or packaged to go, with meal plans included in their monthly service fee. Meanwhile, our REACH Short Stay, assisted living, memory care, and care center dining areas provide table service for three meals a day.

Plenty of Fun Just Around the Corner

Located in the heart of St. Charles, Missouri, Breeze Park is just a short drive from everywhere. St. Charles and its neighboring communities offer a wealth of cultural attractions, dining, shopping, golf, and medical facilities. Click below to see what St. Charles and its sister cities have to offer.


Welcome to Breeze Park

Masterpiece Living: Valuing Gray

Lorraine McCracken

homes for seniorsLorraine McCracken has been proving skeptics wrong her entire life. “I was born blind,” says Lorraine, who now makes her home at Breeze Park. “There are always people who believe blind people can’t learn to do things,” she says with a smile that speaks volumes. “It blows their mind.”

“I’ve always been very independent,” she says. That’s one reason Lorraine chose to retire at Breeze Park. Her apartment there offers her the greatest possible amount of independence, while still giving her easy access to a helping hand or two when she needs it. “For example,” she says, “I’m not a good cook. Everyone’s got different talents, but cooking isn’t one of mine. I ‘nuke’ everything. But here, I don’t have to worry about it—I just go to the dining room.”

“I love it here,” she says. “It’s such a warm place. Everyone’s accepted me.”

And, every once in a while, Lorraine doesn’t mind blowing a mind or two among her new neighbors. “Sometimes when I’m out and about, I’ll still hear people say, ‘Isn’t she amazing? How does she do that?'” Lorraine says with a laugh.

Ernestine Moves Forward

Milt Freivogel

homes for seniorsShortly after Milt and Marilyn Freivogel moved to Breeze Park, his wife Marilyn was transferred into the care center. “I had about three months where my wife was over there,” he says. “Our moving here actually worked out perfectly; she got the care she needed, and I was able to walk out the back door of the independent living area and go to see her every day.”

At the end of those three months, Marilyn passed away. Fortunately, Milt was surrounded by a host of new friends they’d made in their short time living at Breeze Park.

“While Marilyn was in the care center, I spent my evenings and nights by myself,” Milt says. “If you spend all that time in your apartment, all you can do is sit around and think. So, after Marilyn passed, I decided to get out and do as much as I could.”

Fortunately, Breeze Park had a lot of activities for Milt to choose from. He became a regular at the community’s parties, trivia nights, out-trips, and card games. “When you go to those types of events, you have a better chance to make friends with people than just hanging around the normal settings,” he says. “There are plenty of opportunities to get to know people here. You have the ability to get out and do more if you want. This was definitely a good move.”

Gloria McKean

homes for seniorsWhen Gloria McKean retired at 56 years old from Southwestern Bell she felt that she was too young to just sit in a rocking chair. “I had to do something!” she says.

Gloria used that same strategy when she started looking for an independent living community. “Breeze Park has so much for me to do right now, but it also has assisted living, nursing care, and memory care if the future ever calls for it. That was important to me because I’m single and I didn’t want someone else to make that sort of decision for me in the future.”

While she’s keeping an eye on tomorrow, Gloria is having a great time in the here and now. “I’ve met a lot of great people here, and there is so much to do. There is an onsite movie theater where we watched the World Series last year. The exercise program here has been great too. I wasn’t exercising before I came here but now I take exercise classes, balance classes and classes on ways to deal with arthritis.”

“I do have a rocking chair in my back room,” she says with a grin, “but I don’t spend much time in it.”

Betty and John Haddock

homes for seniorsA year ago, Betty and John Haddock were going through a time of transition. “John’s doctor asked him to give up driving because of health reasons,” Betty recalls. The couple was starting to rely more and more on their kids for help. “We got an invitation to a luncheon here, and I remember John saying, ‘Maybe we ought to check this Breeze Park out.’ Everything just fell into place after that.”

Hearing the Haddocks remember their move as just ‘falling into place’ is something from which Ruth Jayne takes great pride. A member of Lutheran Senior Services’ Move-In Resources team, Ruth goes to great lengths to make sure new residents’ first experiences at Breeze Park are as smooth and carefree as they can be.

“Ruth started working before she left our condo after our first meeting,” Betty says. “She was just wonderful. She does so many things you don’t even think about. I was always saying, ‘Well, I didn’t expect this!’ The cable company was giving John a hard time, and Ruth helped get that squared away,” Betty says. “It’s those little things than mean a lot when you’re under stress making a change.”

“When we moved in, she even left us lunch in the refrigerator,” John says. “I give her an A+!”

Anne Alexander

AnneAlexanderStoriesTab“I’m a big fan of Breeze Park,” says Anne Alexander, then adds with a laugh, “Obviously! I’m here all the time, and I don’t even live here yet.”

Anne and her husband Rich are members of Breeze Park’s Future Residency Program, and as such, they’re becoming familiar faces around campus. “I’m usually here at least three days a week,” she says. “I come for swimming classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then I wind up coming back if they have something else going on that catches my eye. They have luncheons for us in the FRP, they have events for people in the fitness programs. There’s a lot going on out here!”

And now that Anne is getting involved with the Turtles — Breeze Park’s water volleyball team — it seems she’ll be around even more.

Remarkable Care

Jim and Martha Holloway

HollowaysStoriesTabOver the years, Jim Holloway’s job moved him and his wife Martha all over the country. But home always traveled with them.

Martha, of course, was with him every step of the way his wife, making sure their three girls had a warm, happy home life, whether home was in New Jersey, Kentucky, or any points in between. “We’d moved so many times it didn’t matter which house we were in,” Martha says. Her meaning was clear: so long as they had family, home was wherever they found themselves.

In the end, the Holloways found themselves in St. Louis, where Jim wound up retiring. But they didn’t stay put for long. “We had a pretty large home and a boat in Lake St. Louis,” he says, “and that got to be too much of an effort to keep up.” So, after 14 years living in a villa, they began making some new plans for the future.

“We were still driving,” Martha says, “but we knew sometime that wouldn’t be a possibility anymore. With our kids spread around as they are, we didn’t want to put a burden on our one child who lives locally to have to come and take care of us.”

That’s when they found Breeze Park. “We just felt that this offered a style of living that would help us to still be independent and do the right thing for the girls, too,” says Jim.

Dottie Speckert

DottieSpekertStoriesTabFor Dottie Speckert, travel has always been a way of life. The 89-year-old Breeze Park resident has journeyed thousands of miles in search of people, of adventure, of experience.

When Dottie’s husband passed away, the free-spirited globetrotting slowed, but not Dottie’s quest for new experiences. Nine years ago, she began searching for a new home because the large suburban house she had shared with her husband was more responsibility than she wanted: “I had a big house and a big yard, with a lot of work to it. My grandson lives in New Melle. I lived in South County, which is pretty far away, so I wanted to make it easier on him by moving closer.”

Her search for a new home ended at Breeze Park, but not her adventures. Dottie plunged into community activities, including community trips with her new neighbors. She became an active member of the community’s book club, craft circle, knitting and crocheting groups, and she served as welcoming committee chairperson for Breeze Park for four years.

Dottie’s travels may be closer to her Breeze Park home now, but the adventure never ends for this active explorer. “Now, the furthest I go is Branson,” she says. “I love to travel, but now I let the entertainment come to me. I love my trips with my Breeze Park folks.”

Dale Diller

DaleDillerStoriesTabAfter 32 years working for the Post Office, Dale Diller has every right to enjoy putting his feet up.

“I was a letter carrier for 18 years,” he says, enjoying his easy chair and ottoman in the front room of his patio home at Breeze Park. “After that, I was a supervisor for the rest of my carrier.”

But Dale isn’t all that interested in talking about his time in the Post Office. After all, that was just one chapter in his life. “I’ve been retired almost as long as I spent working,” he says, then adds with a grin. “I think I like retirement better.”

Breeze Park’s full continuum of services was attractive to Dale, in particular — he liked having assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing right on campus. “Hey, I’m 88 years old,” Dale says. “Everyone wants to go with their boots on, but at some point you have to think about the fact that maybe you’ll end up needing extra help some day.”

As you can imagine, it’s not easy to find new ways to stay busy when you’ve been retired for as long as Dale has. Which is another reason he likes Breeze Park.

While much of the Dillers’ old social life is still in North County, they’re finding all kinds of ways to build a new one. “Our two neighbors have just adopted us,” Dale says. “They take us to dinner, they take us on activities…we’re always busy. You just can not participate in all the things they have to do here.”

Our Staff

senior communityGreetings!

Welcome to Breeze Park! We offer seniors an active lifestyle and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that help is available if you need it. Located two miles north of I-64 in St. Charles County, Missouri, our personal services and on-site conveniences help you lead a maintenance-free lifestyle. When you arrive at Breeze Park, you’ll feel right at home.

As part the of Lutheran Senior Services family of communities, we combine a faith-based approach and a respect and dignity for all who call Breeze Park home. Whether you or your loved one is looking for a maintenance-free, independent living apartment or patio home or requires varying stages of assistance, Breeze Park is the senior living community to select. Please contact us with questions or to set up a time to visit. We look forward to meeting you!

Tammy Hempen
Executive Director


Tammy Hempen
Executive Director
ph 636.720.3384

The Executive Director for Breeze Park, Tammy Hempen has been in long term care since 1993 when she started out as a Dining Server in a local retirement community. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Health Administration from Truman State University and a Masters of Science in Health Services Management from Lindenwood University. She joined Breeze Park in 2007 as the Care Center Administrator and became the Executive Director in 2010. She lives in St. Peters, Missouri with her husband Chris, daughter Mackenzie, and cat Snickers.

Holly Stevens
Care Center Administrator
ph 636.720.3080

Care Center Administrator for Breeze Park since 2012, Holly Stevens holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri - Columbia and a Master of Business Administration degree from Lindenwood University. She brings more than 20 years of management experience to the position of Care Center Administrator, with more than a decade of that spent in the health care field. She joined the Breeze Park team in July 2008 as the Human Resources director, and she currently lives in St. Peters, Missouri, with her husband, son, daughter, and dog Sparky.

Michele Quillo
Senior Living Counselor
ph 636.720.3084

Part of the Lutheran Senior Services family for over 20 years, Michele Quillo began her career at Hidden Lake as the office manager in 1990 and later moved into the marketing department. In September 1993, Michele joined the Breeze Park staff. Michele has a bachelor's degree in administration of justice from the University of Missouri at St. Louis. She lives in O'Fallon and has two college-age daughters.

Rachel Travis
Director of Nursing (RN)
ph 636.720.3090

Rachel Travis is the Director of Nursing at Breeze Park. Having obtained a Licensed Practical Nurse degree in 1998, an Associate Degree in Nursing in 2004, and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator license in 2014, Rachel has over 21 years of experience Alongside her team, she enjoys serving older adults at Breeze Park with innovation and expertise. Rachel has four children, one granddaughter and currently resides in Dardenne Prairie, MO.

Suzanne Correnti
Director of Dining Services
ph 636.720.3086

Director of Dining Services for Breeze Park since 2006, Suzanne Correnti is a registered and licensed dietitian. She graduated from Fontbonne University with a bachelor's degree in dietetics and has her master’s of business administration from Fontbonne. Suzanne has worked in school food service, acute care, and long-term care and brings more than 20 years experience in the food and nutrition to Breeze Park.

Kim Staten
Director of Human Resources
ph 636.720.0350

Kim joined Lutheran Senior Services in July 2012. She brings over 20 years of Human Resources experience to her position, having worked in the finance, healthcare, insurance, and childcare industries. She received her Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Webster University and her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Kansas. She lived in Atlanta for six years where she advanced her HR career before returning to St. Louis in 2001. Kim has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix and enjoys conducting workshops on Job Readiness Preparation.

Diana Maciariello
Director of Health Services
ph 636.720.3096

Diane Maciariello has been in senior living for over 48 years, 18 of those years as a part of Lutheran Senior Services. Having studied at St. Frances School of Practical Nursing, Diane is passionate about senior living. Born in Cinti, Ohio, Diana has lived in St. Louis for 27 years and resides in Chesterfield. She has 4 grown children and 3 adorable grandchildren and loves spending time with family.

Rev. David Stratmann
ph 636.720.3093

Rev. David T. Stratmann was issued a Call to serve the residents of Breeze Park in 2014. Prior to that, he had been serving Emmaus Lutheran Church in Dorsey, Illinois. A graduate of Forest Park Community College, the University of Missouri, Concordia Seminary, Rev. Stratmann did his vicarage at Lutheran Senior Services’ Laclede Groves campus prior to his ordination in 2010 at Emmaus Lutheran. He and his wife Christine are the parents of one son and one daughter.

elder care St. Charles moGiving

A Gift of Time and Talent

At Breeze Park, service-minded individuals find many opportunities to give of their time and talents. We match each volunteer with residents and their families depending upon skills, interests, and availability.

Volunteering can include any number of activities, including:

  • Clerical work
  • Assistance with resident activities
  • Support for special events and fundraisers

If you are interested in volunteering at Breeze Park, click here to email our volunteer coordinator.


Giving a Gift of Treasure

Our parent organization, Lutheran Senior Services, is a not-for-profit organization built on financial stability and sound stewardship. We invite you to support us in our mission of service by making a gift through the LSS Living Foundation.

Your help will advance our Christian mission of honoring and cherishing those we serve. Your gift will be used to directly help older adults living life to the fullest.

So make your legacy part of the Lutheran Senior Services legacy - give today or contact our stewardship director for free and confidential advice about how your gift can help others.

St. Charles Missouri


For More Information, Call...

Al Koepke
Director of Stewardship
ph 636.939.5223, Ext. 2302

As Director of Stewardship for Breeze Park, Al Koepke brings over 20 years of experience in the area of Christian stewardship and planned giving. As we all live longer, the desire to meet our personal and financial goals in serving self, family and others can become more challenging. Al is available to assist residents and their families with financial stewardship and in planning gifts that will benefit them today as well as others beyond their lifetimes.

senior housing 63304Moving In

Making the move to a senior living community is an investment in your own peace of mind. Here, you can enjoy an active, maintenance-free lifestyle. And, as a resident of Breeze Park, you gain priority access to higher levels of care should your needs change.

Breeze Park St. Charles MO



Pricing for Independent Living

When you move into one of our independent living apartment homes or patio homes, you pay a one-time refundable Entrance Fee. You can choose our $5,000 option, which is 100% refundable; however, investing in our 95% or 50% refundable entrance fee options is a wise financial strategy that reduces your monthly service fees and keeps your money working for you while preserving your assets.

In addition, we have a variety of other
financial options that can reduce your monthly fees.

For specific pricing, contact our senior living counselor by calling 636.939.5223 or by email.


Pricing for Other Levels of Service

For pricing information on assisted living, contact our senior living counselor by calling 636.939.5223 or by email.

For pricing information on short stay rehabilitation, memory care assisted living, or skilled nursing, contact our health services counselor by calling 636.720.3085 or by email.

St. Charles Missouri



LSS Move-In Resources

Lutheran Senior Services offers a host of resources to make the move to Breeze Park as smooth and carefree as possible. Through the LSS Move-In Resources service, you can find help to organize, rightsize, move, and enjoy!

Our Move-In Resources service can provide…

  • Help with managing the home sale process.
  • Assistance with transforming a new space so it becomes home.
  • Advice on what to take, sell, or give away.
  • Preapproved resources to help make the transition easy.

To learn more, contact our senior living counselor by calling 636.939.5223 or by email.