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Concordia Village (map)
4101 W. Iles Ave.
Springfield, IL 62711

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Where Springfield goes for Senior Living,
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A great location, neighbors who quickly become friends, and programs to stimulate body, mind, and spirit…Concordia Village senior living offers all this and much, much more.

Just minutes from downtown Springfield, Illinois 62711, you can enjoy the comforts of home without the work and worry. You can live with peace of mind, knowing that you will receive priority access to our comprehensive continuity of senior health care should your health needs change over time.

Come join us where value and peace of mind are part of everyday living. Call 217.993.7045 or email us to learn more! See why the Illinois Times awarded up with “Best Retirement Community“.


What We Offer

One of the things that set Concordia Village apart is our wide array of senior living options. As a continuing care retirement community, we offer four levels of service, all on one beautifully maintained campus. To learn more about any of our levels of service, please click on the links below.


independent living 62711Independent Living

Concordia Village is filled with endless opportunities for fun and friendship. Our spacious, comfortable senior living apartments and patio homes offer a full range of life-enriching amenities. Surrounded by warm, friendly neighbors and a caring, professional staff, you’re sure to feel right at home.


senior rehab 63338REACH Short Stay senior rehab Illinois

Need short-term care following a qualifying hospital stay? You can find it through our REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation program. Here, our interdisciplinary team can help you work hard toward achieving your goals in a comfortable, homelike setting.


assisted living 63376Assisted Living assisted living Springfield

In our private assisted living apartments, residents benefit from 24-hour staffing, help with personal care, medication assistance, weekly housekeeping, linen service, and three daily meals. We’re here to help you maintain your independence by offering the help you need, when you need it.


nursing home 63368Skilled Nursing nursing home Springfield

For residents who need 24-hour nursing care, we offer private rooms, companion rooms, and companion suites to help seniors continue to live life to the fullest. Far from the sterile image of the traditional nursing home, our care center is a warm, welcoming environment featuring on-call nursing assistance, licensed medication management, an incontinence care program, and medical director oversight.


faith based senior livingThe Lutheran Senior Services Difference

As a Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) retirement community, Concordia Village is part of a 150-year tradition of compassionate service. At the heart of our philosophy of care is LSS’ Christian mission: Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest.

Serving with heart is at the core of all we do. We cherish people of all beliefs and strive to meet the complete needs of each person we serve — body, mind, and spirit. To that end, we are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to senior care and services, from our skilled team of caregivers to our full time chaplains who provide spiritual support for residents and their families.

To learn more about LSS, click here.

Virtual Tours

Here are a small sample of the rooms and amenities available at Concordia Village. Clicking on the images below will launch the virtual tour in a new window.


Community Amenities


Independent Living


REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation


Assisted Living


Long Term Care


The Lifestyle at Concordia Village

What does an active lifestyle look like at Concordia Village? What do you want it to look like?

When you choose a maintenance-free lifestyle at Concordia Village, you get to leave the hassles and headaches of maintaining property to us. That leaves you free to pursue all the things you love.

Just think — what would you do if you didn’t have to spend all your time keeping the house in order? Spend more time with family and friends? Volunteer at your church? Work on your hobbies? Kick back and relax? Here, all your options are open.


Recreation at “The Village”

Our recreation team designs a unique and varied calendar of events each month, with an eye toward helping you expand your horizons socially, culturally, spiritually, and educationally.

There’s always something happening at Concordia Village, from exercise classes to discussion groups in the Chapel, from movie nights in the media room to shopping trips off campus. And if there’s ever something you want to do that’s not on the calendar, let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas.


Dining at “The Village”

One of the most popular features of life at Concordia Village is our fabulous on-site dining. Our attentive dining services staff is always ready to assist you! Residents in our independent living apartments and patio homes can enjoy meals in our dining room or packaged to go, with meal plans included in their monthly service fee. Meanwhile, our REACH Short Stay, assisted living, and care center dining areas provide table service for three meals a day.


Plenty of Fun Just Around the Corner

Located in the heart of Springfield, Illinois, Concordia Village is just a short drive from everywhere. Springfield and its neighboring communities offer a wealth of cultural attractions, dining, shopping, golf, and medical facilities. Click below to see what Springfield and its sister cities have to offer.


Life Begins at 80

Joy Kimler

homes for seniorsMost golfers only dream of playing with the pros. Concordia Village resident Joy Kimler has been doing it for more than 30 years.

“My team with Christina Kim came in second in 2011 (at the LPGA Pro-Am),” she says. “I was 82.”

Before moving to Concordia Village, Joy and Mickey had lived on a golf course in a condo for 25 years. And while she misses having the sound of the links just outside her window, the trade-off has been more than worth it, she says. “Living here is great. The neighbors treat you really well and we have gotten acquainted with a lot of people.”

Joy and Mickey also enjoy the size of their patio home, which boasts three bedrooms and a full kitchen. “It’s a fully equipped home. In fact, it is big enough that we’ve hosted dinner parties.” And the best part was, they didn’t have to cook. Joy reached out to Stephane, the community’s chef, and he prepared a sumptuous feast for Joy and Mickey’s guests.

As much as Joy and Mickey love their new home, they do spend quite a bit of time traveling. “It’s great, because we leave for the whole winter and never have to worry about our house,” she says. “There’s a great security system, and if someone opens the door, the concierge desk is alerted. When we go away we don’t have to worry about a thing.”



Welcome to Concordia Village

Marilyn Hindson

homes for seniorsConcordia Village resident Marilyn Hindson has been reading a book titled “100 Wonders of the World.” Of those 100, she’s seen more than a few of them first hand.

Marilyn’s travels were usually side by side with Carl, her husband of 58 years. Three years ago, he passed away. “I hadn’t had a meal alone in 13 years (since Carl retired),” Marilyn said. And, as she began considering a move to Concordia Village, she started wondering, “‘Will I have to sit there and do things all alone?’ I was tired of being alone. I need people to be around.”

Fortunately, Marilyn got just her wish when she arrived at Concordia Village. “Nowadays, I don’t have a lot of free time,” she says. “I volunteer, I visit people in the care center here, and…” she says, significantly, “…I’m a game player.” Bridge, mah jong, hand-and-foot…if it’s a table game, Marilyn has probably gotten together a four-person group to play it in Concordia Village’s third floor game room.

“The people who live here and work here are terrific. It’s very harmonious for all of us. Now I have three families – my church family, my personal family, and my Concordia family.”



On the Right Track

Carolyn Eyre

homes for seniorsCarolyn Eyre and her husband Vern were two of the first people to move into Concordia Village’s new apartments, and the change to a new way of life couldn’t have happened fast enough for them.

Having a house back home was increasingly becoming a hassle for these globetrotters. “Vern had to deal with the maintenance; I had to manage the housework,” Carolyn says. “But here, I feel much more independent than I did in my own home. They take care of everything; I feel as though I’m being treated like a queen.”

“They have so many activities you can pick and choose,” she says. “We’ve met some wonderful, wonderful people here and it’s easy to get out to see our old friends around town. We’ve really got the best of two worlds here.”

Life here has had an unexpected side effect, Carolyn says: “We’re getting to the place now that we enjoy being here at Concordia so much that we find ourselves taking less big trips, because while we’re gone, we end up missing our friends and activities so much we can’t wait to get home. And we do call this place home. We absolutely feel moving here was the best decision we made in life except for getting married,” she says with a smile.



Jim and Martha Deterding

Jim and Martha Deterding did not plan to retire in Illinois. They had hoped to spend their retirement years in Bartlesville, Okla., with their son, Timmy, who had Down syndrome. Their plans changed, however, after he passed away in 2010 at the age of 53.

Jim searched the Internet for “Lutheran retirement” and looked at facilities in St. Louis and Bloomington. The couple fell in love with Concordia Village in Springfield. “We drove down here and knew this was the one,” said Martha Deterding. “It was like God said this was the one.”

“We started with independent care in the patio homes,” Jim Deterding said. “When we need to, we can transition into assisted living and then to a nursing home. They have it all.”



Coralie and Owen Guthrie

GuthriesStoriesTab“When Owen first retired,” Coralie Guthrie says, “we did a lot of traveling.” Coralie seems to have a gift for understatement — together, the Guthries saw all 50 states, at least six Canadian provinces, and Mexico, as well as Western Europe and East Asia.

Just before retiring, Owen had received some hard news. “The doctor told me my vision was deteriorating,” Owen says. “It gave me an incentive to see what I could when I could.” As a result, the couple booked passage on a number of travel tours and ended up spending two full weeks in Japan.

“We’re relatively conservative, normally,” Owen says, “but this was something we wanted to do.”

Now safely back stateside, the Guthries have settled in to life at Concordia Village. “We have no children,” Coralie says, “so we decided we better make plans for the future.” For Owen and Coralie, it was the community’s access to health care that was the big draw for them. “We didn’t want to move anymore after this, so Concordia seemed like a perfect fit.”



Lothar & Alice Bacher

LotharStoriesTab“You don’t want to think about getting old, but it’s something that happens”, says Lothar Bacher. “You think it happens to other people. But then one day you find yourself asking, ‘What do you mean I can’t walk up the steps anymore?’” He laughs.

For Lothar and Alice Bacher, the house was becoming too much work, and after Lothar retired, they realized they were ready for a smaller place.

Their son Claus had known for some time how hard his parents were struggling to maintain their home – especially his mother. And when they came to the decision to move, he was only too happy to help them find a new place. “My wife and I took them all around Springfield to look at all the places,” he says, “Once they saw Concordia Village they were hooked.”

“This place just said, ‘Hello,’” Alice says, smiling.

Seeing the difference between the way things had been and the way things could be was a revelation for Lothar, especially when it concerned his wife. “It takes a lot of work to keep a house in order,” he says. “Men are used to going to work every morning, and when we come home at night, we just expect everything to be done. We don’t have to see what it takes to get it all done.”

“Alice has a right to retire too,” he says.

And at Concordia Village, she’s got the chance to do exactly that. Thanks to the housekeepers, the maintenance crew, and the groundskeepers, Alice has a chance to relax and enjoy time with Lothar in a way she didn’t before.



Judy and Larry Stack

JudyStackStoriesTabRetired music teacher Judy Stack has a secret.

“I’ve had a lot of students over the years, and some have gone on to some success in music,” she says; however, her most famous pupil went on to international fame as an opera singer, performing alongside Placido Domingo. “I don’t want to name names,” she says. “I’m proud of all my students.”

For Judy, helping a youngster choose music as a life’s path is immensely rewarding. “It really makes you feel good,” she says. “It makes you feel like something you’ve done is worthwhile.”

That’s something she shares with her husband Larry – he’s also an educator, having spent 30 years teaching language arts in the Buffalo Tri City school district. But, like Judy, Larry’s heart belongs to the arts. “After I retired, Judy was still working. That gave me a chance to fulfill a dream I’d had,” he says. “I began painting, and that’s been one of the joys of my retirement.”

Today, the walls of the Stacks’ patio home at Concordia Village are covered with artwork by local artists (including Larry). When he’s not painting, he can often be found accompanying his bride to concerts and enticing their new neighbors to join them.

Thanks to an association with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, the Stacks have opportunities to hear performances right on the Concordia Village campus, and they have a whole crowd of friends with whom to share them.


senior communityThe Primary Care Clinic
at Concordia Village

Tired of traveling across town to see your doctor? For Concordia Village residents, the addition of our new Primary Care Clinic means they only have to travel down the hall to see a physician!

From 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dr. Mary Saunders from Memorial Physician Services is available on-site to meet with residents to discuss your health needs. Services offered include:

  • Regular checkups
  • Care for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Wellness evaluations


The Clinic Is Led By…

Mary Saunders, MD
Primary Care Physician

The leader of our clinic, Dr. Saunders has 28 years of experience caring for patients. Dr. Saunders received her medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and completed her residency in internal medicine at Southern University School of Medicine. Her interests include women’s health and geriatrics. Whether you choose Dr. Saunders as your primary care physician, or decide to keep your current physician, you do not have to be a current Memorial Physician Services patient to be seen by Dr. Saunders.

To Learn More…

Call Concordia Village at 217.793.9429 or visit to find out more about Memorial Physician Services.


Our Staff

senior communityGreetings!

Welcome to Concordia Village! We offer seniors an active lifestyle and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that help is available if you need it. Located in Springfield, Illinois, our personal services and on-site conveniences allow you to lead a maintenance-free lifestyle. When you arrive at Concordia Village, you’ll feel right at home. Here, you will have the time to really enjoy the important people and activities in your life in a carefree environment.

As part the of Lutheran Senior Services family of communities, we combine a faith-based approach and a respect and dignity for all who call Concordia Village home. Whether you or your loved one is looking for a maintenance-free, independent apartment or patio home or requires varying stages of assistance and supervision, Concordia Village is the senior living community in the Springfield area to select. Please contact us with questions or to set up a time to visit. We look forward to meeting you!

Jacque Bogner,
Executive Director


Members of Our Team

Jacque Bogner
Jacque Bogner
Executive Director
ph 217.993.7043

Jennifer Cole
Director of Sales and Marketing
ph 217.993.7046

Jennifer Cole, senior living counselor, helps incoming residents to select their new homes and apartments. Before coming to Concordia Village, she focused on customer needs during a 30-year career with Xerox.

Debra Rhoads
Active Living Coordinator
ph 217.993.7076

Debra Rhoads, BSW, Health Services Counselor, joined the LSS team in September 2012. Debra attended University of Illinois- Springfield and received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Her professional career started in marketing and social services in a long term care facility before joining the Concordia team. She works to market the Skilled Nursing Care Center to the community and health care professionals. She is here to assist with incoming and potential residents. Debra and her husband live in Springfield.

Janelle Clark
Janelle Clark
Administrator, Care Center
ph 217.793.9429

Dee Dee Wagner
Dee Dee Wagner
Director of Nursing, Care Center
ph 217.993.7067

Allison Buzick
Allison Buzick
Activity Director
ph 217.993.7059

Allison Buzick began her career with LSS as a Front Desk Concierge. While working with the Concordia Village team and getting to know the wonderful residents, she developed a passion for serving those residents. That dedication led to her desire to get more involved in the community, and it eventually enabled her to move into the Activity Director position. Relatively new to the role, Allison is always looking for new ways to get residents involved. While originally from New Berlin, she now lives in Virden, Illinois, with her husband Justin, son Myken, and daughter Rhyann.

Michael Hodson
Michael Hodson
Director of Plant Operations
ph 217.993.7032

Michael Hodson, Director of Plant Operations, has been employed with LSS since July of 2009. He began his career with the organization as a Maintenance Specialist. Prior to joining the Lutheran Senior Services family, Mike spent eight years in the construction field. He stepped into his new role at Concordia Village in June of 2013. He has over 10 years’ experience in the maintenance field and is a certified welder. He resides in Pleasant Plains, Illinois.

Anne Lawler
Anne Lawler
Business Office Manager
ph 217.993.7041

The Business Office Manager for Concordia Village since 2009, Anne Lawler is fairly new to long-term care. In the past, she worked at a small independent living community in Auburn, Illinois, during its construction, opening, and first five years. There, she wore many hats, working for the sales, activities, payroll, dining and bookkeeping departments. She is happy to be wearing only a few here at Concordia Village. Anne and her husband Dave live in Auburn; they have three grown children and three grandchildren.

Stephane Perrin
Director of Dining Services
ph 217.993.7054

Stephane Perrin was born in Normandie, France. He started his culinary career as a baker and after serving in the armed services went on to cook in the resort town of Deauville. He moved to the United States in 1989. He worked in restaurants and country clubs in Champaign and Galena before settling in Springfield in 1993. He was the Chef at Sebastian’s Hideout for almost six years before coming to Concordia Village. He lives in Springfield.

Chris Nilges
Pastor Chris Nilges
ph 217.993.7050

Pastor Chris has been Chaplain at Concordia Village since January of 2014. He received a Masters of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis in 1985, and served in congregational ministry for 28+ years. In 2012, he began a yearlong Clinical Pastoral Education residency program as Unit Chaplain on Mental Health at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Presently he lives in Springfield, Illinois, with his wife Connie and their children Sara and Michael. His interests include baseball, playing guitar and trumpet, and spending time with his family.

elder care Springfield ILGiving

A Gift of Time and Talent

At Concordia Village, service-minded individuals find many opportunities to give of their time and talents. We match each volunteer with residents and their families depending upon skills, interests, and availability.

Volunteering can include any number of activities, including:

  • Clerical work
  • Assistance with resident activities
  • Support for special events and fundraisers

If you are interested in volunteering at Concordia Village, click here to email our volunteer coordinator.


Giving a Gift of Treasure

Our parent organization, Lutheran Senior Services, is a not-for-profit organization built on financial stability and sound stewardship. We invite you to support us in our mission of service by making a gift through the LSS Living Foundation.

Your help will advance our Christian mission of honoring and cherishing those we serve. Your gift will be used to directly help older adults living life to the fullest.

So make your legacy part of the Lutheran Senior Services legacy - give today or contact our stewardship director for free and confidential advice about how your gift can help others.

Springfield Illinois


For More Information, Call...

Phil King
Director of Stewardship
ph 309.683.1298

Phil King has been on the staff at Lutheran Hillside Village in Peoria, Illinois for 20 years, and he is pleased to also serve the residents of Concordia Village. He has served as Development Director, Marketing Director, and most recently as Director of Stewardship. He has a bachelor's degree in business management from Bradley University. Phil and his wife, Marcia have two children and four grandchildren.

senior housing 62711Moving In

Making the move to a senior living community is an investment in your own peace of mind. Here, you can enjoy an active, maintenance-free lifestyle. And, as a resident of Concordia Village, you gain priority access to higher levels of care should your needs change.

Concordia Village Springfield IL



Pricing for Independent Living

When you move into one of our independent living apartment homes or patio homes, you pay a one-time refundable Entrance Fee. Investing in our 95% or 50% refundable entrance fee options is a wise financial strategy that reduces your monthly service fees and keeps your money working for you while preserving your assets.

In addition, we have a variety of other
financial options that can reduce your monthly fees.

For specific pricing, contact our senior living counselor by calling 217.993.7045 or by email.

Pricing for Other Levels of Service

For pricing information on assisted living, contact our senior living counselor by calling 217.993.7045 or by email.

For pricing information on short stay rehabilitation, or skilled nursing, contact our health services counselor by calling 217.993.7076 or by email.

Springfield Illinois



LSS Move-In Resources

Lutheran Senior Services offers a host of resources to make the move to Concordia Village as smooth and carefree as possible. Through the LSS Move-In Resources service, you can find help to organize, rightsize, move, and enjoy!

Our Move-In Resources service can provide…

  • Help with managing the home sale process.
  • Assistance with transforming a new space so it becomes home.
  • Advice on what to take, sell, or give away.
  • Preapproved resources to help make the transition easy.

To learn more, contact our senior living counselor by calling 217.993.7045 or by email.