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27 Auerbach Place
Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Looking for Mom and Dad?

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Where Glen Carbon goes for Senior Living, Assisted Living, Long Term Care & More.

A great location, neighbors who quickly become friends, and programs to stimulate body, mind, and spirit…Meridian Village senior living offers all this and much, much more.

Here in the heart of historic Glen Carbon, Illinois 62034, you can enjoy the comforts of home without the work and worry. You can live with peace of mind, knowing that you will receive priority access to our comprehensive continuity of senior health care should your health needs change over time.

Come join us where value and peace of mind are part of everyday living. Call 618.288.3700 or email us to learn more!


What We Offer

One of the things that set Meridian Village apart is our wide array of senior living options. As a continuing care retirement community, we offer five levels of service, all on one beautifully maintained campus. To learn more about any of our levels of service, please click on the links below.


independent living 62034Independent Living

Meridian Village is filled with endless opportunities for fun and friendship. Our spacious, comfortable senior living apartments and patio homes offer a full range of life-enriching amenities. Surrounded by warm, friendly neighbors and a caring, professional staff, you’re sure to feel right at home.


senior rehab 63338REACH Short Stay senior rehab Illinois

Need short-term care following a qualifying hospital stay? You can find it through our REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation program. Here, our interdisciplinary team can help you work hard toward achieving your goals in a comfortable, homelike setting.


assisted living 63376Assisted Living assisted living Glen Carbon

In our private assisted living apartments, residents benefit from 24-hour staffing, help with personal care, medication assistance, weekly housekeeping, linen service, and three daily meals. We’re here to help you maintain your independence by offering the help you need, when you need it.


Alzheimers care 63366Memory Care Assisted Living alzheimers care 62034

Our controlled-access memory care neighborhood supports ambulatory residents who have early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. Offering all the amenities of our assisted senior living apartments, this inviting, homelike setting helps residents find comfort in the company of friendly neighbors and caring staff members.


nursing home 63368Skilled Nursing nursing home Glen Carbon

For residents who need 24-hour nursing care, we offer private rooms, companion rooms, and companion suites to help seniors continue to live life to the fullest. Far from the sterile image of the traditional nursing home, our households and care center are warm, welcoming environments featuring on-call nursing assistance, licensed medication management, an incontinence care program, and medical director oversight.


faith based senior livingThe Lutheran Senior Services Difference

As a Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) retirement community, Meridian Village is part of a 157-year tradition of compassionate service. At the heart of our philosophy of care is LSS’ Christian mission: Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest.

Serving with heart is at the core of all we do. We cherish people of all beliefs and strive to meet the complete needs of each person we serve — body, mind, and spirit. To that end, we are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to senior care and services, from our skilled team of caregivers to our full time chaplains who provide spiritual support for residents and their families.

To learn more about LSS, click here.

Virtual Tours

Here are a small sample of the rooms and amenities available at Meridian Village. Clicking on the images below will launch the virtual tour in a new window.


Independent Living


REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation


Assisted Living


Memory Care Assisted Living


Long Term Care


The Lifestyle at
Meridian Village

What does an active lifestyle look like at Meridian Village? What do you want it to look like?

When you choose a maintenance-free lifestyle at Meridian Village, you get to leave the hassles and headaches of maintaining property to us. That leaves you free to pursue all the things you love.

Just think — what would you do if you didn’t have to spend all your time keeping the house in order? Spend more time with family and friends? Volunteer at your church? Work on your hobbies? Kick back and relax? Here, all your options are open.


Recreation at “The Village”

Our recreation team designs a unique and varied calendar of events each month, with an eye toward helping you expand your horizons socially, culturally, spiritually, and educationally.

There’s always something happening at Meridian Village, from exercise classes in the pool to discussion groups in the Chapel, from movie nights in the media room to shopping trips off campus. And if there’s ever something you want to do that’s not on the calendar, let us know! We’re always looking for new ideas.


Dining at “The Village”

One of the most popular features of life at Meridian Village is our fabulous on-site dining. Our attentive dining services staff is always ready to assist you! Residents in our independent living apartments and patio homes can enjoy meals in our dining room or packaged to go, with meal plans included in their monthly service fee. Meanwhile, our REACH Short Stay, assisted living, memory care, and care center dining areas provide table service for three meals a day.


Plenty of Fun Just Around the Corner

Located in the heart of Glen Carbon, Illinois, Meridian Village is just a short drive from everywhere. Glen Carbon and its neighboring communities offer a wealth of cultural attractions, dining, shopping, golf, and medical facilities. Click below to see what Glen Carbon and its sister cities have to offer.


Welcome to Meridian Village

Masterpiece Living: Valuing Gray


“There’s Constantly
Something Going On.”

in home helpWhen I was living in my house in Swansea, it was costing a lot just to keep the house up. And keeping the house up was all I did. I just looked at the four walls and I never saw anybody.

Now, for just a little more each month, I have people to talk to every day, great meals fixed for me, most of my utilities covered, transportation wherever I need to go, someone to help clean the place twice a month, and fun things to do going on all the time. Where else can you find service like that on a school teacher’s pension?

Most people wait too long – they wait until they’re physically unable to take part in things. It’s so much better when you can get out on your own and enjoy what they have here. There’s constantly something going on. I play water volleyball twice a week. I work out in the weight room. I sing in the choir.

This is a place for active people, and I’m here to stay.



“I Love My Neighbors!”

Millie Overholtz

I’m 87, and I’ve been independent all this time. I’ve never had any kind of illness or injury before, so what a shock it was when I fell in December and had to go into rehab.

But I’ve had wonderful help here. The staff are all good, but especially in the therapy department. At other places, they’ll tell you, “You’re going to do this.” Here, it’s more like, “Well, let’s try this.” It’s so much more friendly, and that makes a huge difference. They make you feel like you really can do it—and that’s such a big help.

I have a rather large family, and they can’t believe there’s a place like this. Oh my goodness. They have created such a homey atmosphere here, a family atmosphere.

I’ve asked my kids, “How am I ever going to get un-spoiled?”



Harry & Lynn Thiel


We had some close friends in Kansas City who moved into a senior community. We began thinking, well, we’re getting older. Maybe we ought to think about this kind of arrangement.

Our kids are in Kansas and California, so we worried that, if we waited to find a place at a senior community, we might have wound up causing problems for our families. It’s important to us that we’re able to take care of ourselves.

We love it here. It’s like a godsend. The staff is so impressive. When we’ve needed it, the care has been excellent. And there are many, many activities!

We’re so impressed. We’re blessed to be here in this cozy place.



Dorothy Hamilos

DorothyHamilosStoriesTabIf you made a list of all the people Dorothy Hamilos amazes, she herself would be at the top of the list. “I can’t believe it, I’m in a tap dancing group…at my age!” she cries.

A resident at LSS’ Meridian Village community in Glen Carbon, Illinois, Dorothy first laced up her tap shoes at the age of 67. Today, 21 years later, she’s still a member of “Silver Belles and a Beau,” a dance troupe that entertains groups around the St. Louis area. And she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

“My husband and I went ballroom dancing every weekend with our friends,” she says,” and I always told myself that before I died, I was going to learn to tap.” So, in 1990, she set out to do just that, and along the way, she’s found a real love for performance. “I enjoy meeting new people. It makes you feel so good to know that you’ve touched them in some way.”

Sadly, Dorothy’s husband passed away in 2007. “I had a big, beautiful home in Granite City,” she says. “When he died, I didn’t like living alone, eating alone…so I had a good talk with myself and decided to start looking for a retirement home.”

But most of the communities in the area were far too sedentary for her tastes. “So many places I visited were like nursing homes; there was no activity, and the food wasn’t good,” she says. “I’m not a person to just sit, so I’m so grateful I found Meridian Village.”



The Wine Nots

Jack and Ginger McCall

McCallStoriesTabBirdwatching is more than just a hobby for Jack and Ginger McCall — it’s a way of life!

The couple even has a big wooden bird totem on their deck at Meridian Village that marks their house as being “bird-friendly” to draw their feathered friends closer to binocular distance.

Jack commissioned their totem from an art student at SIUE where he formally taught psychology. “The totem marks this as a birding place,” Jack says. “Birds are welcome here.”

The couple is still relatively new to Meridian Village, having moved in on the first day of summer, but they’ve already fallen in love with the place. Jack and Ginger are crazy about the amenities. “We had to have a swimming pool,” Ginger says. “I’m a swimmer and I try to swim at least three days a week.”

“Plus, We wanted to be in a community where the different stages of needs were available to us,” she says, referring to Meridian Village’s on-site assisted living and care options. “We’ve seen the kind of staff and the attitude the staff has toward the residents, and it’s just very impressive.”



LeRoy Gruber

LeRoyGruberStoriesTab“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve had five careers,” says LeRoy Gruber, Meridian Village resident. “First was getting an education. Second was when President Roosevelt called us to active duty. Third was marriage and raising a family. Fourth was serving as the administrative assistant to three consecutive mayors of East St. Louis.”

And the fifth career, he says, is volunteering. And you can tell he takes it every bit as seriously as his time in the service or the civil service.

While seeking out recognition isn’t in LeRoy’s nature, his tireless efforts have attracted more than his share of attention. Recently, LeRoy was named Scott AFB’s Volunteer of the Year for the second time. “I told them, I felt they should’ve given it to someone else,” he says with characteristic modesty. “I don’t need another award.” Indeed, the plaques and certificates he’s received from grateful volunteer agencies could line the walls of his apartment at Meridian Village, including one for the President’s Volunteer Service Award signed by President Barack Obama.

Sitting still just isn’t in LeRoy’s nature, and he’s quick to point out that’s true of many retired folks. “There’s always work to be done, and a lot of agencies out there who could use help” he says. “I’ve met a lot of people here at Meridian with big hearts for serving. It’s a real hotbed of volunteer activity, and we’re always looking for more recruits!”



Betty Byrd

BettyByrdStoriesTabIf there’s one thing Betty Byrd knows, it’s how to be a grandparent. After all, she taught a class on it.

“I retired from nursing about 10 years ago,” says Betty, one of the newest residents of Meridian Village. “While I was working at Christian Hospital, I taught a class on ‘Grandparenting’. Mind you, this was before I was a grandparent myself.”

Time marches on, and sooner than later, Betty became a grandmother herself. The only problem was, both her son and daughter lived on the Illinois side of the river. “They both moved into the subdivision right across the road from Meridian Village,” she says. “When they did, they laughingly told me that there was a retirement community just across the street. And I think I told them something like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’”

But, as the years went on, the idea of not having to hassle with crossing the river to see her grandkids started to seem awfully appealing to Betty. And after a tour of Meridian Village, Betty started to fall in love with the place. Sooner than later, she found herself moving into her new apartment.

“Everyone here is so friendly,” she says. “I walk into the dining room and people start waving me over to say hi. There’s something going on all the time here. And best of all, I see my family three or four times a week now. I really feel like I made the right choice coming here.”



The Arnold Village

Pamela Winslow

PamelaWinslowStoriesTabFor retired schoolteacher Pamela Winslow, Meridian Village has become a family tradition.

“My mother was one of the first ones to move to the community,” Pamela says. “She’s on her 14th year here. So my family has watched Meridian grow — many is the time my husband and I came here to have dinner with mom in the dining room.”

About four years ago, Pamela’s husband passed away, leaving her future plans uncertain. “We lived in a big home in Belleville, and after Bill died, I found I was spending so much money having people take care of the lawn and the bushes. Even just regular maintenance on the furnace and the air conditioner was becoming too much. So as I got closer in age, I started thinking, ‘Why not go check out Meridian Village? It’d be perfect!’”

Pamela moved into a patio home just around the corner from her mother’s. “It’s such a warm place,” she says. “The people are nice, the food is nice…everything you need is right here. And to not have to take care of a home and all the maintenance that goes with it? Wonderful! They take care of everything. You just feel very safe and secure here.”

Now in her 60s, Pamela is one of younger residents of Meridian Village, but she’s far from alone. “There are other people here in their 60s, too,” she says. “People who think places like Meridian are just for much older people really need to rethink this. When your kids are grown, this is a perfect place for people who want to downsize their responsibilities.”



Our Staff

senior communityGreetings!

Greetings from our family here at Meridian Village!

It's so easy to get to know your neighbors here. Whether you're taking part in one of our many leisure events, enjoying dinner in our top-rated dining room, or just walking down the hall, new friends have a way of presenting themselves every time you open your door.

Here, you can be as busy as you want to be. Swim in our heated pool. Relax in our hot tub. Attend one of our fitness classes. Explore our library. Go on one of our many day trips. Join a Wii contest. Or just enjoy a quiet night in with family or friends. The possibilities are endless!

We invite you to come visit us at Meridian Village, where our residents aren't our top priority--they're our ONLY priority.

Colleen Bottens
Executive Director


Our Staff

Colleen Bottens
Executive Director
ph 618.205.4216

The Executive Director for Meridian Village, Colleen Bottens, brings over 20 years of experience working with seniors in various settings. Colleen began her career as a caregiver and has most recently served as an executive director for CCRC and assisted living communities in the Chicago area. She holds a degree in social work from Governors State University in Illinois.

Chassity Kaiser, BSW, PSC
Administrator AL and RCF
ph 618.205.4355

Chassity joined Lutheran Senior Services in August 2013 as the Service Coordinator at Dunn Road Manor in Florissant, MO. After more than three years there, Chassity transitioned to Meridian Village as their Assisted Living and Memory Care Administrator where she focuses on helping Meridian Village residents live life to the fullest. Chassity attended the University of Missouri, St. Louis and obtained a Bachelor of Social Work in 2013. She is also a registered Professional Service Coordinator. Chassity currently lives in St. Louis with her son.

Sarah Burch
Administrator Care Center
ph 618.205.4201

Sarah Burch joined Meridian Village in April 2015 as the Assisted Living Memory Care Household Coordinator. She graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Management in 2011 and spent the first 4 years of her career as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Iowa. Sarah grew up and currently resides in Granite City, Illinois with her husband Zach and two beautiful children.

Christina Bechel
Christina Bechel
Director of Nursing
ph 618.288.3700
Patty Hempen
Campus Activity Director
ph 618.205.4220

Patty has been serving residents in Glen Carbon, Illinois, since February 2012 when she joined the team at Meridian Village. She comes to LSS with over 30 years of experience in activities in the Long Term Care setting. Patty lives in Carlyle, Illinois, with her husband Ken. They have three daughters and nine grandchildren. She enjoys her family, golfing, swimming, and traveling.

Rev. Brad Thomas
ph 618.205.4210

Rev. Brad Thomas received a Masters of Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary. He served for a year at Laclede Groves as a vicar/chaplain intern, where he received CPE training and experience ministering to the LSS staff and residents. Brad received a master’s degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and worked for Western Printing Machinery Company for twelve years, eventually as Vice President of Business Development. Brad is married to Susan. They have a son, Benjamin, and a dog, Henry.

Dawn Determan
Recreation Center Coordinator
ph 618.205.4375

Dawn Determan has been a health educator for over 10 years, having received her Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUe). She has been a part of the LSS team for over 3 years and enjoys the opportunities to champion successful aging at Meridian Village through Masterpiece Living. Other than her military service, Dawn has lived in Edwardsville her whole life. With her husband, she is enjoying their youngest daughter’s senior year in high school, and have two older children serving in the Air Force.

Terri Matheis
Senior Living Counselor
ph 618.205.4203

Terri Matheis is the Senior Living Counselor at Meridian Village. She holds a degree in Psychology and has been in real estate related fields for over 20 years: residential, commercial, and senior living. Terri has been with Lutheran Senior Services since August 2015. She lives in Glendale, Missouri with her pek-a-poo Marley and tabby cat Toby. She has four grown children, 3 boys and 1 girl. Her sons live nearby and her daughter lives in Chicago’s Old Towne. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and the ocean.

elder care Glen Carbon ILGiving

A Gift of Time and Talent

At Meridian Village, service-minded individuals find many opportunities to give of their time and talents. We match each volunteer with residents and their families depending upon skills, interests, and availability.

Volunteering can include any number of activities, including:

  • Clerical work
  • Assistance with resident activities
  • Support for special events and fundraisers

If you are interested in volunteering at Meridian Village, click here to email our volunteer coordinator.


Giving a Gift of Treasure

Our parent organization, Lutheran Senior Services, is a not-for-profit organization built on financial stability and sound stewardship. We invite you to support us in our mission of service by making a gift through the LSS Living Foundation.

Your help will advance our Christian mission of honoring and cherishing those we serve. Your gift will be used to directly help older adults living life to the fullest.

So make your legacy part of the Lutheran Senior Services legacy - give today or contact our stewardship director for free and confidential advice about how your gift can help others.

Glen Varbon Illinois


For More Information, Call...

Rebecca "Becky" Zimmer, CFRE
Director of Stewardship
ph 314.292.7546

Becky comes to Meridian Village with over 20 years of experience in Christian stewardship and planned giving with retirement communities. As we all live longer, the challenge to meet our personal and financial goals in serving self, family and others becomes more challenging. Becky can be a valuable resource in planning a gift that will benefit you today and others beyond your lifetime. Currently Becky is a member of the Board of Trustees for the St. Louis Planned Giving Council and co-chairs the Legacy Leadership Conference on Building Philanthropic Partnerships.

senior housing 62034Moving In

Making the move to a senior living community is an investment in your own peace of mind. Here, you can enjoy an active, maintenance-free lifestyle. And, as a resident of Meridian Village, you gain priority access to higher levels of care should your needs change.

Meridian Village Glen Carbon IL



Pricing for Independent Living

When you move into one of our independent living apartment homes or patio homes, you pay a one-time refundable Entrance Fee. You can choose our $5,000 option, which is 100% refundable; however, investing in our 95% or 50% refundable entrance fee options is a wise financial strategy that reduces your monthly service fees and keeps your money working for you while preserving your assets.

In addition, we have a variety of other
financial options that can reduce your monthly fees.

For specific pricing, contact our senior living counselor by calling 618.288.3700 or by email.

Pricing for Other Levels of Service

For pricing information on assisted living or memory care assisted living, contact our senior living counselor by calling 618.288.3700 or by email.

For pricing information on short stay rehabilitation, or skilled nursing, contact our health services counselor by calling 618.205.2126 or by email.

Glen Carbon Illinois



LSS Move-In Resources

Lutheran Senior Services offers a host of resources to make the move to Meridian Village as smooth and carefree as possible. Through the LSS Move-In Resources service, you can find help to organize, rightsize, move, and enjoy!

Our Move-In Resources service can provide…

  • Help with managing the home sale process.
  • Assistance with transforming a new space so it becomes home.
  • Advice on what to take, sell, or give away.
  • Preapproved resources to help make the transition easy.

To learn more, contact our senior living counselor by calling 618.288.3700 or by email.