Restoring Hope.
Protecting Dignity.

The costs of aging can be overwhelming, especially with people living longer and the costs of care continuing to rise. What if your loved one outlived her financial resources? Where could you turn?

Benevolent Care is a ministry of Lutheran Senior Services that fills the gap for older adults who face the hopelessness of watching resources fade as needs increase. Thanks to generous donors we can restore hope and protect dignity at a very vulnerable time in life.

The need is now. The time is now. Every gift matters.


The Need Is Growing.


How Your Gift Helps

Giving_OverviewAs older adults live longer, they face increasing healthcare costs, accompanied by decreasing resources. They become financially challenged at the time in life they are also most fragile. That’s why Lutheran Senior Services has stepped forward to meet this shortfall so that we can offer uninterrupted quality care for those we serve. We call this financial assistance Benevolent Care.

The Benevolent Care needed in 2016 is projected to surpass $6.8 million, but through your generosity, you can give hope to older adults who outlive their financial resources.

In the words of a donor, “What would Jesus do if you or one of your neighbors ran out of assets? I think He wants us to show mercy; I think He wants us to show love as He has shown love for each of us.”




Other Ways Your Gift Can Help

There are many ways your gift can help improve the lives of older adults. You may designate your gift to Benevolent Care (as noted above) or to one of LSS’ other ministries listed below.

  • Area of Greatest Need. All undesignated gifts provide resources for advancing the mission of Lutheran Senior Services where needed most.
  • Affordable Housing. Donations to LSS’ Affordable Housing communities help provide housing and services for older adults with fewer economic resources.
  • Christ Care. Donations to the Christ Care Fund help provide relief for Lutheran Senior Services staff members who are experiencing emergency financial needs.
  • Christian Artwork. Donors to the Christian Artwork fund help to purchase inspirational decorations for LSS communities, creating a feeling of home for our residents.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education. Funds donated to LSS’ CPE program help support future ministry workers as they train for specialized ministries related to pastoral care, counseling, and/or older adult ministry.
  • Good Neighbor Program. Funds donated to the Good Neighbor Program help ensure that older adults who need access to low-cost, non–medical care in their own homes can be linked to independent caregivers.
  • Hospice Care. Giving to LSS Hospice Care helps patients and their families with items and services, that are beyond the scope of reimbursed care in order to increase their comfort and decrease their stress at the end of life.
  • Outreach Services. Donors to this LSS program ensure that economically-challenged older adults have access to social workers who can connect them to resources that maintain or improve their living situation through in-home assessment and/or on-going care management.
  • Staff Scholarships. Donations to the staff scholarships assist with educational opportunities that keep staff throughout the Lutheran Senior Services organization current on the most advanced methods for caring for and supporting the senior lifestyle.
  • Volunteer Money Management. Supporting Volunteer Money Management fosters independence for older adults by funding recruitment, training, and support for volunteers who assist seniors with day-to-day financial tasks such as balancing a checkbook or paying bills.

Want to designate your gift to support one or more of these individual programs? Be sure to indicate how you would like your gift to be used when you make your donation.

Goals, Strategies, & Benefits

Your Goals   Your Strategy   Your Benefits


Maximize your deduction; minimize the gift details


  Use cash or check to make your gift to LSS.   Claim your deduction against a larger portion of your adjusted gross income, and make an immediate impact on LSS
Afford a larger gift to LSS — and avoid capital gains liability   Give appreciated securities or bonds held over one year   Buy low and give high — make a gift that costs you less than the benefit it delivers to us, while avoiding capital gains tax
Make a gift for LSS’s future that doesn’t affect your cash flow or portfolio now   Put a bequest in your will (cash, specific property, or a share of the estate residue)   Today — a gift that costs you and your family nothing

Tomorrow — an estate tax deduction

Retain income benefits from the assets you give to LSS — and thus afford a larger gift   Create a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust   Receive income for your lifetime; receive a charitable deduction; diversify your holdings
Reduce high tax liability now; gain additional income later   Establish a deferred gift annuity   A larger deduction and a higher income rate than our other life-income gifts offer
Tap one of the most valuable assets in your portfolio to make a gift to LSS   Use real estate to make your gift to LSS   Avoid capital gains tax, receive an income tax deduction — and have the option of a gift that doesn’t affect your lifestyle
Reduce gift and estate taxes and control the timing of passing assets to your children and grandchildren   Create a charitable lead trust which supports programs at LSS for a fixed, finite period with the principal going to your heirs   Reduce gift and estate taxes, and freeze the taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family
Locate an overlooked asset that you can easily give to LSS   Name LSS as beneficiary of your retirement plan, leave other assets to family   Eliminate income tax on retirement plan assets; free up other property to pass to your heirs
Make an endowment gift from income rather than capital   Create a new life insurance policy, or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need   Increase your ability to make a significant gift to LSS   



Want to Know More?
Our stewardship directors are always available to discuss your options. To learn more, please
email us, call 877.THANX2U (877.842.6928), or contact the stewardship director at the Lutheran Senior Services community near you.

Ways to Give

Invest in tomorrow by making a gift today. There are many ways to expand your personal stewardship and help support seniors in your area.

Giving by Check
Make your check payable to ‘Lutheran Senior Services’ and mail it to Administrator of Stewardship, Lutheran Senior Services, 1150 Hanley Industrial Ct., St. Louis, MO 63144. Your gift will be placed into our Benevolent Care Fund unless you indicate that you would prefer that it be used in another way.

Giving Online
Make a one-time gift OR have regular gifts withdrawn electronically. You determine the duration and frequency of your contribution. The options are yours.
Click here to give using our secure online system.

Transferring Appreciated Stocks or Securities
Donors may gift securities that are held electronically, such as 1) Individual shares of stock, 2) Mutual funds, and 3) Bonds. Donors may also gift individual stock certificates, a move which may help them avoid or reduce capital gains taxes normally levied when stocks are sold. (Be sure to consult your accountant or tax advisor regarding the benefits of gifting stock.)

Including LSS in your estate planning
Make a planned gift that will benefit others beyond your lifetime. Examples of this kind of gift include simple will bequests, charitable trusts, charitable or deferred gift annuities, assignment of life insurance, and designation as beneficiary of qualified retirement plans.



Want to Know More?
Our stewardship directors are always available to discuss your options. To learn more, please email us, call 877.THANX2U (877.842.6928), or contact the stewardship director at the Lutheran Senior Services community near you.