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“I won’t be in today, my Mom needs my help.”

If you haven’t received a similar phone call from an employee, you will soon. As the population ages, more working adults will have to call off, come in late or leave early to help an aging parent.

According to a 2006 caregiving cost study (see link below) these absences will impact employers and employees tremendously.

As an employer, what can you do? Take a proactive approach now and address these issues by making LSS at Work available to help your employees.

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Introducing Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) At Work

LSS At Work is a new corporate eldercare resource program. It is specifically designed to help employers provide the tools that employees need to balance job responsibilities with the challenges of caring for an older adult.


Links to statistics and studies about corporate eldercare programs:

National Family Caregivers Association Statistics on Family Caregivers
The MetLife Juggling Act Study
The MetLife Caregiving Cost Study on Productivity Losses to US Businesses 2006
Business, Caregiving & the Bottom Line

LSS At Work Can Help

Through LSS At Work, your company can immediately access much-needed benefits and eldercare resources for employees. This features access to our “Aging Answers Line” (add link to our flyer) and the ability to host an on-site eldercare expert – at no charge – which provide:

• Answers to eldercare questions and concerns
• Direction for care planning
• Links to area resources
• Referrals to community programs
• Recommendations regarding care and services

More extensive services such as in-home assessments, in-home services, and ongoing care oversight and management are available. Benefit packages and reduced rates can be customized according to the needs of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is on-site corporate eldercare?

A Lutheran Senior Services eldercare expert will schedule a two-hour period to visit your company once a month to answer employees’ questions regarding caregiving concerns and aging loved ones. This will include free one-to-one consultations and resource information.

Employees may also access the eldercare expert at other times — free of charge — through the Aging Answers Resource & Referral Line (Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).


Who can use on-site corporate eldercare?

Any concerned employee can ask the eldercare expert for assistance in regards to their loved ones who are 60 and better and 50-plus with disabilities.


What are your service areas?

We serve St. Louis city and county as well as St. Charles and Jefferson counties.


What issues can the eldercare experts address?

The eldercare experts can address the following concerns: identifying needs, safety, housing options, Medicare, Medicaid, assisted living options, nursing home options, care giving, respite care, socialization, homemaking, transportation, in-home services, and nutrition.


What is the charge to offer on-site corporate eldercare to our employees?

There is no charge to the company. Outreach Social Services’ on-site corporate eldercare is a community service funded by the United Way and Lutheran Senior Services.


What type of training do the eldercare experts have?

The eldercare experts have either a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree with training in aging issues and / or social work. They are extremely knowledgeable about resources and services available in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


What if our employees want a more thorough evaluation of their loved one’s situation after speaking with an eldercare expert?

Employees who want a more thorough evaluation of a loved one’s situation can take advantage of the following options available through Lutheran Senior Services At Work:

General Assessment: This is for the employee looking for an overview of their loved one’s current situation. It is a comprehensive, in-home assessment of the individual called “Senior LIFEsteps.” The results detail an older adult’s ability to live at home in relation to everyday activities, and form the basis for creating a personalized plan to maximize well-being, safety, and independence. It is very proactive, involves the older adult, and allows families to take steps to prevent problems associated with aging. Each assessment includes a pre in-home visit consultation to determine concerns, preparation for home visit, travel, in-home evaluation, creation of written service plan with recommendations and resources, and a follow up home visit to discuss the written service plan. Cost is $200.00 for an individual or $300.00 for a couple.

Specific Assessment: This is for the employee looking to solve a specific challenge (or challenges) their loved one is experiencing. It includes an assessment of the older adult’s ability to function in the home, exploration of options to address the specific concern (or concerns), and development of a care plan. The cost of the initial in-home evaluation is $150.00 for an individual and $200.00 for a couple, including written recommendations.

Office Consultation: If an employee prefers a private appointment with the eldercare expert, in lieu of an in-home assessment, consultations are available at the home office of Lutheran Senior Services or another mutually agreeable location. The charge for an office consultation is $75.00 and includes written recommendations.

Geriatric Care Management: Assistance with implementing recommendations from either assessment is available at a charge of $70.00 an hour, billed in 15 minute increments. This can include arranging or referring to services or alternative housing; providing ongoing communication to family members; providing monthly/bi-weekly home visits as needed; arranging transportation services; coordinating/accompanying to doctor appointments and other assistance as needed. Geriatric care management services are available to your employees on a sliding scale based on the income of the older adult being served for those of limited means.


Can a company purchase the above assessments for employees at a reduced rate?



Why should my company utilize the on-site corporate eldercare program?

“American businesses can lose as much as $34 billion each year due to employees’ need to care for loved ones 50 years of age and older.” (Source: Metlife Mature Market Institute and National Alliance for Caregiving, MetLife Caregiving Cost Study: Productivity Losses to U.S. Business, July 2006.)

Research shows that employers who offer a corporate eldercare support program to address these issues can achieve: increased employee satisfaction and retention; significant returns in productivity; and decreased need for employees to change schedules to accommodate care giving responsibilities.


Who do I call to learn more?

Please call Carol Melka, Director of Outreach Services, at 314.446.2493.

Why Offer LSS At Work?

Supporting working caregivers is smart business. Providing resources to help will reduce costs and increase productivity associated with the challenges of family care giving that can impact your bottom line.

For More Information on LSS At Work…

call 314.446.2493, e-mail us today, or scroll down for more information.


LSS at Work is under the leadership of…

Carol Melka
Director of Outreach Services
ph 314.446.2493

The Director of Outreach Services, Carol Melka, joined LSS in 2000 and has over nine years of experience with elder care and community resource planning. She holds a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in gerontology from the Brown School at Washington University. She also has a Missouri License in Clinical Social Work. She is active on the community advisory committees for Behavioral Health Response and the Arthritis Foundation.