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Change has a way of sneaking up on you, especially when you begin to notice Mom or Dad is growing older. By keeping an eye on your loved ones’ changing needs and abilities, you can take steps to keep some of the problems associated with aging from interfering with their independence. That’s where a Senior LIFEsteps screening comes in.

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How Senior LIFEsteps Helps

A Senior LIFEsteps screening looks at the tasks an individual needs to do and wants to do, then compares his or her living arrangements with what has worked best to maintain and improve the well-being of other seniors.

Sometimes those changes require a re-evaluation of the way that person currently lives. Between community support programs, home care, assisted living, residential care, and skilled nursing, there are more options available now than ever before for maximizing the independence and well-being of older adults.

When your loved one participates in a Senior LIFEsteps screening, you’ll receive simple-to-understand recommendations about services and living arrangements that have helped others in your situation. We give you recommendations that help you and the older adult in your life decide what to do next.

Your Screening

The Senior LIFEsteps specialist will come directly to your loved one’s home for the screening. Together, they will complete a series of forms which gather information about capabilities, health, and daily routines. He or she may be asked to stand up, remember a word, write a sentence, or talk about his or her current medications. This helps the Senior LIFEsteps specialist understand how the participant’s capabilities compare to other seniors in each of the following areas:

  • Physical Health   

    What is needed to maintain his or her current level of health?

  • Medication   

    How difficult is it to make sure all medications are taken?

  • Complex Daily Tasks   

    How hard is it to perform tasks like shopping, cleaning, and driving?

  • Basic Daily Tasks    

    How hard is it to conduct personal tasks like bathing and eating?

  • Continence   

    Is continence an issue?

  • Memory   

    Does he or she have trouble remembering things?

  • Safety   

    Can he or she evacuate the residence in case of emergency?

The specialist will then discuss the results and recommendations with you, your loved one, and any care professionals you want included.

This will be an opportunity to discuss care options to maintain or improve well-being. You will receive a copy of the Senior LIFEsteps summary and the community resources the specialist recommends.

With this objective and reliable information, you can start to determine what steps to take next.

Getting Started

For more information or to schedule a Senior LIFEsteps assessment, please contact Outreach Social Services at 314.446.2475.

LSS Senior LIFEsteps is under the leadership of…

Carol Melka
Director of Outreach Services
ph 314.446.2493

The Director of Outreach Services, Carol Melka, joined LSS in 2000 and has over nine years of experience with elder care and community resource planning. She has a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in gerontology from the Brown School at Washington University. She also has a Missouri License in Clinical Social Work. She is active on the community advisory committees for Behavioral Health Response and the Arthritis Foundation.

About Senior LIFEsteps

Senior LIFEsteps is available through Lutheran Senior Services Outreach Services. Introduced in 1997 and licensed by Health Resources Alliance, it is a nationally recognized, independent assessment program developed by experienced clinicians and researchers. It is a unique, field-tested assessment approach that provides a 360-degree picture of an individual’s life management capabilities.