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What Does CPE Offer?
Lutheran Senior Services Clinical Pastoral Education program offers students many opportunities for ministry. Classes are held on the campus of Laclede Groves in Webster Groves, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Students may also serve at Lutheran Senior Services senior communities throughout the Midwest.

Student chaplains make pastoral contact with residents, families, and staff through visits, Bible classes, worship, devotions, and community activities.

Through three-month and nine-month programs, Lutheran Senior Services offer Level I, Level II, and Supervisory Clinical Pastoral Education. Half of a CPE student’s 45-hour week is spent in ministry with residents and family members, as well as staff, giving our those in our Pastoral Care program many ways to personally serve our residents and clients.


Context for Ministry
Learning activities include one-on-one ministry with residents, staff and family; individual supervision; reading; writing verbatim; and theological reflection. Group and classroom work includes Morning Prayer, Didactic Seminars, Group Practicum (skill development in supportive counseling), Verbatim Conferences (peer supervision), and Interpersonal Relations (personal and inter-personal growth).

In addition, intentional reflection is given to key theological issues identified in the various CPE experiences. On a rotating basis, Sunday morning, on-call, and evening ministry are also a part of the learning opportunity. CPE students may specialize in a particular area of ministry related to pastoral care, counseling, and/or older adult ministry.


Lutheran Senior Services’ CPE program is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Lutheran Senior Services is a member of the St. Louis Cluster of CPE Centers. The LSS CPE program also abides by the guidelines of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).



Single Unit
An eleven-week, 45-50 hour-per-week program offered each summer. The program begins in early June and is completed in mid-August.

This program is a full-length, 9-month, 3-unit program, which begins in early September. Students receive a stipend through a grant from The Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis and Lutheran Senior Services.

Extended Unit
A six-month, part time program designed to accommodate professional and lay church workers who are currently involved in full-time ministry. Classes meet one day each week and an additional two days each week is committed to ministry. Please call 314.446.2343 to check on the availability of this program offering.

E-Extended Unit
A six-month, part time program designed to accommodate professional and lay church workers who are currently involved in full-time ministry and cannot readily access an ACPE-accredited CPE Center to do in-residency CPE. Classes meet one day each week via Zoom and an additional 14 hours of ministry/clinical work is required each week. (For more details on this, please see the Admissions criteria for a cyber – E-Extended Unit below.) (Applications are no longer being accepted)

NOTE: A pilot project with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LC-MS) is being conducted the Summer of 2017. This program is intended for those in Specialized Pastoral Ministry (SPM) (ordained and commissioned) within the LC-MS that cannot readily access an ACPE CPE Center for in-residency CPE. More specifics and requirements for this pilot program are contained in the document below:

Supervisory Education
This program is designed to help you navigate the ACPE process for seeking certification as an ACPE CPE Supervisor. Preferred prerequisites include those listed under CPE Residency as well as denominational endorsement, ordination, and completion of all Level II ACPE CPE Outcomes.

CPE Stipends
As a result of a generous grant from the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, we are able to offer a stipend to CPE Interns and Vicars to support their CPE training and ministry at Lutheran Senior Services. Applications are available as an editable Word document or in printable PDF format.



Reverend Jeffery Scheer
The Reverend Jeffery Scheer is a certified ACPE CPE Supervisor. Rev. Scheer serves as the Administrator of Clinical Pastoral Education at Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) and is also a Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC). He joined LSS in 2004.

Additional faculty includes individuals from Lutheran Senior Services chaplaincy, nursing, and social services staff, as well as counselors, professors, and pastors from the St. Louis community.



Criteria for Admission
Admission into a Level-I unit of CPE requires a high school diploma or GED, active ministry or service experience in a congregation or institution, endorsement by one’s local congregation, and the ability to perform the duties of a CPE Chaplain as listed in the LSS CPE policy on ‘CPE Chaplain Responsibilities’.

Admission into Level-II CPE and CPE Residency requires one unit of CPE from a center other than LSS CPE, a college degree, ordination (or its equivalent) by one’s denomination, endorsement by one’s denomination or intent to seek, evidence of intent to be engaged in full-time ministry within a congregation or institution, and preferably a Masters of Divinity, its equivalent, or the intent to seek equivalency.

Admission into an E-Extended Unit, requires a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, active ministry or service experience in a congregation or institution, endorsement by one’s local congregation, and a ministry context in which to acquire one’s clinical/ministry hours. The required 14 hours of ministry/clinical work must be in a one or more contexts already established by the participants – e.g. one’s parish, a nursing home, hospitals, jail, etc. There will be a covenant/agreement written between LSS CPE and the primary ministry site. An identified preceptor will be the primary go-to person for the learner and for the CPE Supervisor to get feedback regarding a learner’s ministry. All classroom time will be conducted over the electronic platform ‘Zoom’.


Application Fee & Tuition
The application fee is $50 (non-refundable); checks should be made out to “Lutheran Senior Services CPE.” Tuition for the first unit of training is $650. Each additional consecutive unit is $550.


Applying for Admission
Apply online by clicking here OR use the following links to apply for admission to Lutheran Senior Services CPE or another St. Louis Cluster. Applications are also available in printable PDF format. Return the document to:

Rev. Jeffery J. Scheer
Administrator of Clinical Pastoral Education
Lutheran Senior Services
723 S. Laclede Station Road
St. Louis, MO 63119

Students are encouraged to apply for admission by December of the year prior to the beginning of the program they want to attend. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received. Once an application has been processed, the applicant will be contacted for an interview.

Lutheran Senior Services CPE is accredited to offer Level-I, Level-II, and Supervisory CPE by:

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE)
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30030